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    razoring appys

    This is Kitty razored. Kitty, J.R and Edward Ace
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    Thanks for letting me know, I was starting to worry!
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    Received my Secret Santa gift from a Great friend Lori Luther!! She was a great Santa too!! I received lots of yummy chocolate candy! Two beautiful Christmas candles, one even has a K on it could be for our last name :-) Also three more candle sets. I love them all. She has also said I will...
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    What date is the last Journal mailed out

    Hi Fran, we got ours a few days ago so your's should arrive soon, even though it is already a couple months late Joyce
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    Do You Have Your Mares Confirmed In Foal?

    We ultra sound our mares, actually just had them done today! I have an amazing vet and love her to pieces :-) She charges a 35.00 farm call and the ultra sounds are 25.00. It's amazing to see the little guys. Just wish I could tell if they has spots LOL One year we didn't ultra sound a...
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    need advice

    Hi Mindy, I know you are doing everything right for your horses and that you really care for them. The problem is though if they are not responding (gaining weight) you should try a different feed and see if that helps. I feed a Junior feed for my pregnant and lacerating mares, also my junior...
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    Meet our new stallion!!...

    Congrats! I love his coloring and markings. Should throw you some pretty foals. Joyce
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    Another for Heather Glen Farm

    Congratulations Laurie! She cute no matter the color. I just had my foal born out of a black near leopard and tri colored leopard, what did I get ?? Solid black LOL He's a nice colt that may color and also large, but we will double register him too. You just never can tell. Joyce
  9. joyenes

    3rd Foal for Irish Hills Farm

    She's Amazingly Beautiful!!! Congrats
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    Halters on or off at night(in the barn)

    This is a huge pet peeve of mine . Always OFF. Even hard to catch horse's, when we had them. Big or small horses, doesn't matter I have always left halters off.Only takes a few minutes more to put on halters to bring them in or let them out. I have had horses in my past get hung up in a halter...
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    Secret Santa Gift thread

    I receieved my Secret Santa Gift !! Thank You Karen "kareng" Karen sent me a large bag of Ghiradelli chocolates, MY FAVORITE!! A beautiful wicker basket, santa figurine and snowman. Thank You very much, Have a Great CHRISTMAS Joyce
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    Secret Santa Gift thread

    I so glad you like your gifts! It was fun to shop for you. The tennis ball , well I have a dog that is just crazy about them and they always seem to get lost.LOL Merry Christmas Joyce
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    We lost our first mare...

    Sorry about your loss Hugs and prayers to you.
  14. joyenes

    Back From The World Show

    Congratulations, that's awesome! Any pictures??