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    AMHR Convention News (Unofficial)

    Can anyone report on the 2011 Congress and National judges, I expect these were reported at Convention. Thanks. Jacki Loomis [email protected]
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    Driving Age for Shetland Ponies?

    Thanks for the answer Jason! Jacki Loomis [email protected]
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    Driving Age for Shetland Ponies?

    Am I correct that according to ASPC rules a pony can begin showing in ASPC Driving Classes at age 2 or is it 3 like AMHR? Thanks. Jacki Loomis [email protected]
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    Bluestem Miniature Horse Club Meeting & Social

    Just a reminder to everyone that the Bluestem Miniature Horse Club will meet this Sunday, October 24th for a 4:30 pm Social followed by a 5:00 pm meeting in Lincoln, Nebraska. We'll plan our 2011 shows, clinic and activities and hold our Judge Selection Vote. Visit us on-line if you would like...
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    Congress 2011

    Does this mean there are multiple proposals related to where to hold Congress? If so can you share with us the sights that are under consideration? Thanks. Jacki Loomis
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    Tribella Tiz Me

    Here you go. Jacki Loomis [email protected] AMHR - 292614T TRIBELLA TIZ ME Sex: MAREColor: SILVER DAPPLEHeight: Mane & Tail: WHITEDate Foaled: 05/01/2008Markings (1): Date Registered: 09/05/2008Markings (2): Current Owner: JULIE VINSANDMarkings (3): Breeder...
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    Do you know my mini?

    Welcome! Heres a horse of the same name in the AMHR Stud Book, you did not mention if he had AMHR papers or not so I'm not sure. It shows several foals. Jacki Loomis [email protected] AMHR - 74624A BEARS SHO GUN NO. ONE Sex: STALLIONColor: BLACKHeight: 31.00"Mane & Tail...
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    Need Stall Curtains

    Barb, I have a suggestion for you, Change your colors to Orange and Navy and try to buy the used set Mimi mentions!! My set was formally from Cascade Farms, when we bought them we just had the Cascade removed and Loomis added, it cost around $165 to do the letters which are sewn on. Kind of...
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    Pinto Registration of AMHR/AMHA miniatures

    Hi all, I notice several of you mention having horses that are registered with the Pinto Horse Association. I've visited their web site and have seen the forms but I don't understand if an aged AMHR/AMHA horse would be at the regular registration fee or if it is "undocumented" I think is the...
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    Proposals for AMHR - where can they be found?

    Thanks for the information, I thought all of the proposals that would be considered were included on the list already. I'm glad to know there could still be more coming so I should check back for updates to that list. I expected that they would only publish the list once it was complete...
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    Proposals for AMHR - where can they be found?

    I don't understand your comment "I have two rule change proposals for Miniature, Rules and they are not posted yet. I am sure there are more coming yet." I thought proposals were all due in July? I would expect anything submitted by July and going to be considered at this convention would...
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    Miniature Horse Clinicians

    Thanks all for the suggestions, keep them coming. Our clinic is primarily for Miniautre Horses but we do welcome any/all small equine. It is free and we like our clinician to cover halter & some performance. Thanks again. Jacki Loomis [email protected]
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    Miniature Horse Clinicians

    Our club does a spring clinic, do any of you have recommendations on who are some good clinicians? Reply or email me directly at [email protected] Thanks for your help with this. Jacki Loomis Bluestem MHC
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    A question for show managers

    The Bluestem Miniature Horse Club offers all the break down by age in our Youth Halter Classes too, 7 & under, 8-12 and 13 - 17. We also offer $35.00 unlimited entry so everyone bring your kids to Lincoln, Nebraska June 3-4, 2011 and we'll do all we can to help you get qualified on the cheap...
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    Miniature horse/Shetland Poll

    I answered the poll questions and I understand it is just a poll, answer if you like and ignore if you don't. I think it is fun to see the opinions of others here on the forum. The answers so far that I find most interesting are the ones related to DNA. Should AMHR DNA? Of the current...