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  1. hylights

    Heritage of mini horses lines

    I have 2 AMHR registered boys, although one is out a AMHR/ ASPC mare. what I'm curious about is what is known about the heritage, is the ASPC Classic? Do any of them go back to Welsh ponies?  My boys are IMO both quite nice, the one from Cross Country, who is doubled up on Lazy N Red Man is a...
  2. hylights

    Ration Balancer? Vitamins?

    You might also your poulin dealer about MVP ( mineral vitamin pellet) that's what I have my mini's on, I also feed 1/2 cup twice a day.
  3. hylights

    Excessive weight gain in mare?!

    So I just read your whole thread, it seems clear that pregnancy is out as a cause. But the big thing that hit me was she is acting just like my mare that had ulcers! Ulcers will definitely cause them to be touchy in the flank, they also lay down and don't want to get up. Another sign of the...
  4. hylights

    Where are you located?? Let's get together for a drive!

    Would love to meet up for a drive with other mini's,! I'm in Windham Maine.
  5. hylights

    Maryland/ Virginia/ NC

    I live in Maine, we have over 50" of snow in the past 10 days, and it's snowing now for the next 2 days, the temp has not even reached freezing for more than a few hours in 6 weeks, and no sign of when it will. I have 2 mini's, and my Collies. I am looking forward to retirement in 5-7 years...
  6. hylights

    Rearing mini -

    Are you using open tugs or wrap straps? If you shift your weight back in the seat when you whoa her that might cause the shafts to lift putting pressure on the girth which would cause her to rear. Can you check to be sure there is no upwards pressure when you are stopped?
  7. hylights

    First try at a team

    They look great! So happy for you, I know the dream as I have that dream too, can hardly wait to see more pictures!!
  8. hylights

    Slow Feeder hay nets/bags

    Although not one you mentioned, I have 2 of the Cinch Chix easy up hay feeeders, love how easy they are, and durable! They were expensive, but have outlasted everything else and are still going strong over a year later.
  9. hylights


    Thank-you all! Yesterday at the end of our lesson we did the training level test, then we worked on walk transitions , next week I will try the prelim test, :-) Thank-you Al B, I will be looking for steel wheels for the cart, in the spring, these seem ok for now, they are very heavy duty rims...
  10. hylights

    Goats and Minis

    I keep goats and mini's, they are kept separate with adjoining fence lines, when the goats do get in with the minis the minis go wild running , kicking and chasing, the goats ignore this activity, I haven't left them together, I think they would eventually work it out. Goats do have copper in...
  11. hylights


    Thank-you! His harness is a Yonies Pleasure with their Euro collar, I'm pretty happy with it, but I'm thinking ( not for this schooling show) will I be able to do dressage at an ADT in it? I think it will be a good learning experience!
  12. hylights


    I have had my boy Vision in training and taking lessons and he is coming along so well, my trainer was judging the driven dressage portion of a schooling ADT in late august and I went and watched as I hadn't ever gone to one. It looked like a lot of fun, and I thought next year .... Now my...
  13. hylights

    ran away with everybody

    Good for you! Yes groundwork is important, so is trust and communication. :-)
  14. hylights

    Doesn't want to eat hay

    When you say ulcerguard is it the pellets, or the omeprazole paste? Sounds like you are on the right track with treating for ulcers. Sounds like a horse I got that had ulcers, My vet had me do a sand test and power pack for worms before my we decided it was ulcers. Can you get the chopped hay...
  15. hylights

    EXCELLENT Article about Blanketing Horses and winter care

    The problem I have with using mustangs as a model for how to handle domestic horses have a lot to do with choices, in the wild it is survival of the fittest, so horses that couldn't make it through the winters aren't reproducing, in man made breeds, mini's! We choose for other characteristics...