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    Congress questions

    Thank you for the info! I appreciate it very much. Would you happen to have the phone number of the farrier?
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    Congress questions

    Was wondering if some of those that have been to the Ardmore facility could enlighten us as to what to expect. Such as... What kind of footing in stalls? Dirt, concrete, asphalt? Are stalls wood, metal? How far is the arena from stalls? How far is the RV parking from stalls? Are there...
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    gestation lengths

    Got you all beat! I am waiting on a mare that is now at 384 days. She is 37" ASPC/AMHR mare. Vet says all looks well but my goodness! This morning she looks very close, milk is starting to turn opaque and vulva is red and very loose. I sure hope she follows through with this sign as she has...
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    Modern Pony Question

    Stay tuned...
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    Introducing our new adventure, never thought it would happen to me

    Hey Karen, Otis looks great! I could not have sold him to a better home and I am very glad we found each other in Tulsa. Keep us posted on pics and progress.
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    Relic our first home grown stallion

    What a wonderful tribute to a great horse. My daughter had one of those too and they are priceless.
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    Dave Diemer accident

    I have been too busy to read the forums and just saw this. I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers for a full and speedy recovery. What a great guy.
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    Who is going to the Evergreen Show in

    YEAH Amy! I am so glad you are coming and bringing Flirt!
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    Thoughts & Prayers for Ernie Lambdin

    You are in my thoughts Ernie, you'll be running circles around us at Tulsa!
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    Who is going to the Evergreen Show in

    ME! I am going! I will have a few client horses and several of my own. I am taking my babies and give them a chance to get in the ring before they make an appearance at Nationals. Like Tracy, hopefully they will be leading a bit better than they did today, LOL.
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    Oregon Gold Pony & Miniature Horse Show

    It is a show that will definitely be missed as it was a first class show from the moment you entered the grounds. Diane put her heart and soul into this show and it has been an event to look forward to for several years now. Thank you Diane for several years of a wonderful show. I will miss...
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    AMHR lookup please

    He was hardshipped from AMHA so not much info in the AMHR studbook but here it is. AMHR - 108755A TRIOS SHOGUN Sex: STALLION Color: GREY Height: 33.50" Mane & Tail: GREY Date Foaled: 04/18/1984 Markings (1): Date Registered: 12/14/1999 Markings (2): Current Owner: MARY...
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    lost my best friend tonight

    I am so very sorry, through your words it is easy to tell the love felt for this animal. I hope you find comfort and peace soon. Thank you for sharing with us.
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    Congress-Mike's Plan

    Hey Mike, nice tactical manuever! I like it! LOL I had it happen this year as well. We were at an AMHA show and my lead buckle somehow fell apart and the stallion is standing there looking at me. Now this is a 2 year old stallion in a championship class at AMHA so we have weaners, yearlings...
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    Congress Pictures

    It does not appear that the pictures labeled by class are matching. I am comparing the placings with pictures and they do not seem to jive. ARGH, I wish I was there! Anyone else wanna join in my pity party?