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    Miniature horse is bell ringer for Salvation Army!

    Was cute but the lack of leadrope bugs me.
  2. Gizzmoe

    Trifexis w/Scalibor band

    As to the Trifexis I have not used it but I did use the comfortis for fleas, which is what the Trifexis is +heartworm preventive etc. I will say that the comfortis beats the frontline/advantage hands down in my experience. As to the collar, the only tick collars I have experience with is the...
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    Miniature Blinder Hoods

    Actually he does have both up, just have to search for it, here is the link Half Blinder CUp
  4. Gizzmoe

    Help with Tough decision . . .

    For the founder issue, it can take a little while before she gets sound. I have heard of people buying cheap baby diapers and some foam stuff to put inside the diaper and duct taping them onto the feet to help. I have a mare that has some respiatory problems from chronic choke and has a severe...
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    Check out the color on this horse!

    Seeing her got me to thinking of something. Appaloosa allows or did anyways allow out cross breedings to QH or Thoroughbreds. We know now about the sabino in both of those breeds and has been debated about splash occurring in QHs too. Assuming she has some of these in her bloodlines that...
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    Free photo editing programs

    I love PhotoFiltre, is easy to use and learn. PhotoFiltre
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    Breyerfest 2010

    Here is the pic enlarged. You did the thumbnail for it instead of the original image size.
  8. Gizzmoe

    Barracuda Hoof Trimmer

    Honestly when you first use them no, but once you get use to them. They are a lot easier then regular nippers. I have no issues with rock hard hooves and was able to easily trim a mare I was previously having a ton of problems with.
  9. Gizzmoe

    Barracuda Hoof Trimmer

    I have a set of the bud nippers. I do a lot of hooves over the course of a year. The pair I bought has lasted me a while now and though the inital cost is a bit costly, I will no longer have to worry about getting new nippers or getting them rebuilt. Which either way is costly. They work...
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    Lets see everyones

    Well this guy isn't exactly a direct out purchase as I will be working off the payment for this boy. I already love him. He is three months at the moment. Here are a few pics taking today. The pics are not the best as they were taken on a cell phone. Excuse his hooves they will be trimmed up...
  11. Gizzmoe

    Limited Acerage Questions

    Thanks to everyone that has responded. Appreciate that.
  12. Gizzmoe

    Limited Acerage Questions

    I know there are or were a few lb members around that only had around 1.5 acres or less. I had saved pics and descriptions that they had posted on threads. However most of what I have found has been picture less. I would love to hear how those with limited acreage has their setups and would to...
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    Your favorite 2010 Lilbeginnings foal

    This is my favorite, but of course I am a bit biased since I am taking him home. This is a foal from Hairicane Ranch.
  14. Gizzmoe

    Color experts, would you have said Bay?

    I agree he looks like a liver chestnut not a bay. My mare gets a really dark mane and tail like that, with bits of darkness on the legs. She is for a chestnut with no silver.