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    AMHA Meeting

    That was my point! The previous proposed rule change, as written, did not specifically address the hard shiping of horses out of North America which, if passed, could have opened up hard shipping of horses around the world. One must be careful when writing a rule change that it addresses all...
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    AMHA Meeting

    One thing that will need to be addressed in the new proposal is the issue of hard shipping horses outside of North America. At this time only horses in North America qualify to be hard shipped. The proposal that we voted on this year did not address that point and could have opened up the...
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    Hardshipping into AMHA

    Hi Linda, I believe that your director would not charge you at all, so your only fees would be to the registry. Gary
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    AMHA Meeting

    Jim Barenklau is also on the EC as the immediate past president joining the others Tony mentioned.
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    AMHA Annual Meeting and Convention

    Sorry my mistake, I thought you were just asking for the meeting info. I don't think this years meeting is going to be on the internet. Gary
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    AMHA Annual Meeting and Convention will take you to the site and there is a link to the Annual Meeting on the first page.
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    Open the AMHA Studbook to Hardship AMHR Horses

    Just to clarify the EC's role: I will argue that the EC will not and can not intervene in this and I will back up my argument by referring to the AMHA bylaws, specifically Article VIII, Section 2 Duties which states: The duties of the Executive Committee shall be to act for the Board on...
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    AMHA Annual Meeting in Orlando Florida

    Brenda, Why don't you let your area directors know your position on the issues of importance to you? They should be willing to bring those points forward. If not, just let me know and I will be more then happy to make your thoughts known. Gary Owen AMHA Director Region 4
  9. garyo

    AMHA Annual Meeting in Orlando Florida

    Brenda, I agree with you one hundred percent. It is a shame that such a small percentage of the membership is able to dictate its direction. With today's technology we should be able to make the voting issues available to all of the members that desire to have a voice. With that being said, I...
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    AMHA Annual Meeting in Orlando Florida

    Ruth and I are looking forward to the meeting, especially since it is only about an hour or so from our farm. And as usual, I will probably have something to say. LOL
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    Thoughts and prayers....

    I couldn't agree with you more Adam. It really made me think when I read about the accident, since my daughter who is a 4th year med student at UF, was recently part of a team that flew from Gainsville Shands to Miami to harvest a heart for transplant. We all should be thankful of those, like...
  12. garyo

    Put My Money Where My Mouth Is

    I have been thinking about replying to this topic since it was first brought up on a previous thread, so here goes. My wife and I were at the facility (mentioned by name on the previous thread) on December 5th of this year to pick up a shetland mare, in foal, to bring back to Florida. At no...
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    Sorry to inform you Marty, but Rogers Christmas House is now closed. Gary
  14. garyo

    AMHA Standard.

    The American Miniature Horse Standard of Perfection is found on page 89 of the 2011 AMHA rulebook. Gary
  15. garyo

    Top 12 Reasons People Voted Democrat in 2008

    That is simply the best political post ever on LB.