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  1. Fancyappy - Hidden Acres Farm photos

    Fancyappy - Hidden Acres Farm photos

    Images of our littlest family members
  2. fancyappy

    Woodstock North Red Hott Mama just had.........

    Congratulations..... what a beauty!!!!!
  3. fancyappy

    Asking for Prayers, Good Thoughts, Advice

    I am so very sorry. You must be beside yourself. This horse is very special to you and I know you must be very worried. I have sent my prayers and wish only the best for your guy.Please keep us updated.
  4. fancyappy

    Proud to Announce Our New Acquisition!

    He is truly stunning..Congrats to you!
  5. fancyappy

    NEW MARE :)

    I can see why you are on cloud 9..she is wonderful! Congrats!
  6. fancyappy

    Our New Addition

    Congrats on your beautiful foal..what great color!
  7. fancyappy

    Folks, we have a colt!

    no help on color I am afraid but have to tell you those are two extreeeeeemy adorable foals!!
  8. fancyappy

    Unwrapped a Few 2010 Foals

    lol..made me laugh out loud! ..I have a couple chubs with butt cheeks too! Your foals are BEAUTIFUL
  9. fancyappy

    Another foal for Maple Hollow Farm

    very nice filly, beautiful..congrats to you!
  10. fancyappy

    Danger to minis

    Thank you for caring enough to help her. Thank you for stepping up for her.
  11. fancyappy

    Studding out a Stallion

    I knew there was a name for what ails me!.."grumpy old hag syndrome"... maybe you should step away from the computer for awhile and cool is really not necessary to be rude ..take a break from posting and instead completely read some of the great advice shared here from these very...
  12. fancyappy

    "Allure Ranch Spirits Radical Revue"

    Great looking horses and lovely landscaping..nice to see someone else enjoys mini's in the yard too. Ours look forward to "yard time"