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I have always loved all animals especially horses. I currently enjoy the company of Horses big and small from mini's to drafts.

I have adopted 2 Shires and a Gypsy Drum from Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue . We also adopted a Clydesdale mare from Frog Pond Farm Draft Horse Rescue.

I have been doing private horse rescue on a very limited scale for several years. However now I am concentrating my efforts on adopting horses that need homes and offering assistance to horse rescues thru financial contributions, PR work and fund-raising.I also am a volunteer with Frog Pond Farm Draft Horse Rescue.

We love mini's and have way too many, if that is possible! We prefer Appys but adore them all. We have enjoyed these loving, smart and beautiful little equines for a few years now and must say that I have not had as much fun with horses in years as I am now with these wonderful horses.

In addition to minis, and drafts we also have a couple spotted mini donks and several rescue goats plus our dog and 3 cats.

My hubby and I have a farm in Western Pa and work full time.





Home to 4 adopted draft horses

Please consider volunteering, donating at local horse rescues.

Please adopt and give a horse back it's life.