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    5th Annual Ribbons for Linda Benefit Horse Show

    5th Annual Ribbons for Linda Benefit Horse Show Sunday, July 1st, 2012 Dream Acres Equestrian Center, Arundel, ME Special Guests: Fetching Hope Dog Rescue Northeast Miniature Horse Club Rescue The Hayloft Farm Supplies A 90 minute helicopter ride for...
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    Teens Who Care - Ribbons for Linda

    Thank you everyone for your support! I am very excited about this year's benefit show! My mom is definitely true in saying we have some really cool raffle prizes for both horsey and non-horsey people already! Taylor - We would be honored to have you as our photographer! -Makayla
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    Happy & Healthy New Year from Ribbons for Linda

    Hi Everyone!‎   2011 was a great year for RFL! We are looking forward to hosting our 5th annual 2012 benefit horse show and participating in the PurpleStride Boston. Please visit our newly updated website for information about upcoming events. Wishing you a happy and healthy new year...
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    Purple Stride Boston 2011

    Hi Everyone,   The Ribbons for Linda Benefit Horse Show was a great success! We had 35 horses and many exhibitors and spectators. It was great to see so many people enjoying themselves with their horses. The best part we were able to raise $1,960 in memory of Linda Best for pancreatic...
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    4th Annual Ribbons for Linda Benefit Horse Show

    Thank you everyone for your support! I can't wait to see you all there! ~Makayla
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    4th Annual Ribbons for Linda Benefit Horse Show

    Thanks Molly! We are looking forward to seeing you! Feel free to visit our website for the class list and entry form: ~Makayla
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    Stand up to Cancer

    Hi All,   There will be a special show, Stand up to Cancer, aired on September 10, 8pm est/7pm ct, about the fight against cancer. There will be many well known celebrities taking part. Here's a link with more information:   Hope you all watch it...
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    Ribbons for Linda Cookbooks

    Hi All,   Ribbons for Linda cookbooks will be available for purchase at the Ozark Mountain sales booth at Nationals. The price has been reduced to $10, $13 with shipping!!! All proceeds will go to pancreatic cancer through the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. I have heard great things...
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    Ribbons for Linda

    Hi All,   Ribbons for Linda is a non-profit organization created in memory of Linda Best. Linda was a great wife, kind mother, dear friend and amazing horse woman. In the spring of 2008, she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Sadly, even though Linda fought valiantly she lost her battle...
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    Sponsors Needed

    Hi, We are holding a benefit fun show for both minis and full size horses. It's going to be held on October 10, 2010. There will be 28 classes. I'm looking for people to sponsor a class for $10. Your name/farm will be displayed on our website, show program, and poster at the show. Let me...
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    Happy Birthday Normajeanbaker!

    YAY! Happy Birthday!!!!
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    Ribbons for Linda Cookbooks

    Hi All, The Ribbons for Linda Cookbooks are in! They came out great and are ready to be purchased! They are composed of 300 recipes and have approximately 100 contributors. Thank you everyone who has helped out! If you are interested in purchasing a cookbook, they cost $12 each. If you...
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    Happy Birthday Bozley!!

    Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!!!! I hope you have a great day!!!!!! Love Makayla
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    Ribbons for Linda Fundraiser Cookbook

    Hi All! Great news! The cookbooks will be in very shortly. There is a limited supply so please email me to reserve your cookbook! When you contact me I can provide you will payment information. These cookbooks contain 300 great recipes submitted by almost one hundred contributors! They...
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    RFL Fundraiser Cookbook

    We are sending the Ribbons for Linda Cookbook off to the publisher today! Thank you to the 92 contributors! The cookbooks will be in by mid-March! The price of each cookbook containing 300 recipes will be $12 (not including shipping). A RFL cookbook is great for Easter, Mother's Day, and the...