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    Laverne had her foal

    Aww..she is so cute...congrats!
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    Looks like I probably wont get a mini donk :(

    I agree with checking with the neighbors...mine never bray...too spoiled. The only time they do is if one is taken away from the others, once a year or so. I wish they would bray some people have never heard them
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    Added another donkey to the farm....not mini though

    she is absolutely beautiful
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    Just Pets? *sigh*

    Andrea, very well put. Mine are pets for now...I do have a cart but, the foot planting is taking place.
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    Have you gotten the swine flu vaccine yet?

    I had both shots!
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    Carrot cake

    Thanks for the recipe ideas!!!
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    Carrot cake

    I am looking for "THE BEST" carrot cake recipe I can find and could use some help. Hubby likes my carrot cake but I find it plain, his birthday is on the 30th, anyone have the recipe that I'm looking for???
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    Read this on a Donkey forum

    I like that!
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    New Team of Spotted Standards

    They are beautiful gentlemen! I could have a whole yard full....... I am just barely starting to train Max, and he is about 36" and I bought a mini horse size cart and harness package , the harness is nylon and does not fit, so I've added pieces and still not sure how it will work out, doing a...
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    Chili Bean, the mini-mule, at 4 months!

    Oh, he is such a cutie!!!
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    I have two donkeys, and Emily has the bray down but poor Max by the time he works up into a bray he's too pooped to continue.
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    New Donkey!!!

    I love him, he's lucky to have you!
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    Betsy and the Watermelon

    I would never of thought of watermelon, what a "cool" idea!
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    Do any of you remember Baby Hoot?

    That is just wonderful! I love his name
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    Its all my fault

    I am so sorry for your loss, and also to Nibbs' 2 pals left, I know you all will miss her. I can tell from the pictures that Nibbs was very well cared for. Don't be too hard on yourself, she and Pumpkin are together, and healthy!