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    Barn & Bed Down Photos! Where do your horses live?

    Our minis have their own stalls in a home-built shed that is ugly but sturdy and warm in the winter... .
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    loading into a conversion van

    We bought a folding aluminum ramp from Tractor Supply, and then screwed plywood onto the front, and added stick-on stair tread (like sandpaper) material for grip. Works like a charm, and it has nylon straps that you can hook onto the edge of the van (I have a loop of metal where the doors...
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    Driving Sneakers

    Here you go: http://minitack.com/sabre.htm
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    Driving Sneakers

    Hi again - Leia, you're right, I was wrong on the hoof measurements. Risha's feet are 2 3/4 inches wide by about 3 1/2 inches long. Which makes sense, as I recall the Build-a-Bear shoes could aaaalmost squeak onto his feet, but it was really a struggle. The driving sneakers I have are 4 1/2...
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    Driving Sneakers

    I have a pair of the leather sneakers from Ozark Mountain. They are well-made and fairly easy to put on, and seem to be comfortable, although my gelding does give me the hairy eyeball when I put them on because he "doesn't want to look like a dork" (where do they get these ideas??)... I bought...
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    Hoof Boots for minis/shetlands?

    I bought some leather sneakers from Ozark Mtn (http://www.minitack.com/sabre.htm) for my guy. They are easy to put on and stay on well. Only problem with the ones I got are they're a bit too roomy and when he really trots on his hind feet grab the back of the boots (I only use them in the...
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    You Know You're A Horse Person When...

    Okay, I have to confess: I wore my barn coat to work today. (And I do not work in a barn, unfortunately!) But it was freshly washed, and I was in a hurry...but when I got here, I found a bag of horse treats in one pocket. Yes, it could have been worse, like a used-up tube of wormer or hoof...
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    Skijoring with Minis

    Hi! I don't think it's crazy - I've been wanting to try this forever! Now, here is where I acknowledge the risk of pain and injury, that I am old, out of shape, and haven't xc-skied in years... So I won't ACTUALLY be trying this anytime soon. However, with a really well-trained mini and a...
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    Anderson or Parelli

    I like the John Lyons books; his methods make sense to me. "Bringing Up Baby" is a good starting place - it goes step-by-step through basic ground training, with photos.
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    Risha and me finishing our first (and so far, only!) HDT last summer, with our new (to us) Hyperbike. We love the 'bike! Photo by good friend Lisa Cenis.
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    Just another day at the beach

    More pictures, more pictures!!! (Pretty please?) Looks like a total blast!
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    Aerocrown/Minicrown folks - what height are your horses?

    My sister-in-law has both the shetland star and the minicrown. The shetland star she uses for her 39+" overgrown mini, and he pulls it fine, looks good doing it. The minicrown is pulled by her 33-34" mini and again, he pulls it fine. They both seem like comfortable carts for the horses. For...
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    45 Minis in Mass. Need Homes - anyone know about this?

    Yes, a sad situation, as HGFarm says... And I agree, ohmt, I'm sure the powers that be are keeping an eye on this vet and his farm... And even the hint of EIA is enough to keep buyers away. Unfortunately, as I understand it (although I'm no expert) a positive Coggins is "forever" - the...
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    45 Minis in Mass. Need Homes - anyone know about this?

    Yikes! A farm full of potentially EIA-positive minis? That can't be good... Thanks for the info!
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    45 Minis in Mass. Need Homes - anyone know about this?

    Craigslist ad I saw this morning... link to ad Does anyone know what farm this is, or if the ad is legit? I might know some resources who could help out. I need to keep repeating: No, I do not need another horse! ;)