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    Very Interesting Video ON:

    Thank you for sharing I have booked marked it to share also
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    Bedding For Your Mares

    Hello, I have always used straw for foaling. I have been always told to the reasons were...warmer and the foals do not get the shavings or dust in their nostrils which could cause suffocation. I do have the stall mats and put a small amount of shavings down just to absorb the water and urine...
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    Clipper Care

    Hi, what kind of clipper do U have? I do periodicaly take mine apart to clean and lube and oil the parts. I do spray my blades with WD-40 it's cheap along with Kool Lube. I do clean the blade in blade wash always too. If a blade is vibrating you can take needle nose pliers to the back of them...
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    Wanna help me shop?

    Hello, I love my AGC super 2-Speed Andis clipper. I have the doubble Ks, 2 me they are heavy plus they heat up quickly, and the cord is cumbersome. Just my personal preferance. I do keep swapping blades and spray them with WD-40 and Kool- Lube You can get clippers www.PetEdge.com The clippers...
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    Hi, I take mine 4 walks, I put up poles or jumps and run with them. My favorite thing is chasing them with a four wheeler. They are not afraid of it they buck at it and think it is a game. I pony them through trails with the 4 wheeler or riding one of my big guys. I lounge them in a round pen...
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    need help with a rescue

    Hi, I justed wanted to say I agree with Reijels Mom. I would give them handfuls only and slowly increase more feed. I would NOT give them all the hay they want definetly at first. I have my CCW and a bullet with all animal abusers name on it. This makes me sick sad and then MAD as heck! I...
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    who takes care of you minis when you are not available

    I am lucky my family lives close. If I am away they feed. I have also paided a neighbor to feed only no stalls. Also I use the veternairain assitances, they like the extra income. I would call the vets in your area & ask or your local feed store. I have everthing measured out in plastic dog...
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    Show prep

    Hi, I use a 50 or 40 blade in the ears. I place the sheet cotton that I pull apart into the ear it helps with loose hair from falling down the ear canal and noise factor. I like the Oster clipper I prefer the andis AG they are lighter. I do like the laube but U better be quick they Heat up fast...
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    Rescue . . . .

    TOO CUTE! thanks 4 sharing. I am careful on blanketing my miniature. They usually have plenty of hair and can sweat under the blankets which can make them sick. Just a thought. Cuz is a handsome fella. By the way love the swim picture. I must say that is my favorite thing to do is swim my on my...
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    Descisions on horses need help

    Hello, In my state children under 18 years of age are not allowed to handle or show stallions. I even know miniatures are included. If that help your decision. You may check your state.
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    Rescue . . . .

    Hi, I think that is wonderful you took the little guy in. My heart goes out to you and him. He is probably a strong survivor! Please keep us up 2 date on how he progress with his health. I hope those peeps never have an animal EVER!!! Sending U all the Luck I can, Desiree
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    Advice on a Clipper.

    Yes I have the clipper Andis AGC2 & the Double Ks. I prefer the andis they fit in my hand better the cord is less cumbersome. I keep my blades sharp and spray them with kool lube and W-D 40 constantly. My mins are bathed and cleaned before I clip them which helps the blades live/last/ and go...
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    Show Off Your Tobianos!

    Does my big mare count??? TE--He-he[ attachment=1086:th_DezWe...ff_Lydia.jpg]
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    Foal coats

    I take my husbands old sweat shirts cut the sleeves off. If it is a colt I cut a V shape where he would pee. It looks cute and works well as I keep plenty on hand and can wash them easy.