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    GOT MY 100% AT LAST!!!!

    Thank you to Twister for my awesome Secret Santa present. Sorry I meant to post earlier, Yvonne sent me a beautiful pair of lucky horseshoe earrings, my favourite Lindor chocolates, some yummy cookies that my hubby and son ate most of and a bag of Lifesaver mints for my horses. Thank you so much...
  2. dreaminmini

    GOT MY 100% AT LAST!!!!

    I received mine but haven't opened it yet. But I have to say the peppermint smell coming from the package is driving me crazy. I may break down and open it yet.
  3. dreaminmini

    Halter Obstacle - Soooo evil! lol!

    It was a good course. Evil yes. LOL But it has to be. I sure enjoyed watching!! Congratulations Flying Minis for placing 6th!!! That is awesome and the competition was tight. For the ones that didn't DQ, they were all good.
  4. dreaminmini

    Anyone watch Heartland??

    In case you are interested: For newest season: I think it is a fun show and enjoy watching. The new episodes are starting in a few weeks here in Canada.
  5. dreaminmini

    First time showing, Our 4 year old grand daughter, it was a Fun Show

    Thank you! It was nice meeting you and your husband and your granddaughter. What a fun day and Kathleen and Paul did a great job.
  6. dreaminmini

    How to keep track of show placings?

    We use the class list that has been previously highlighted with our classes and each has the horses name beside. After each class we write the placings beside the class. The trick is to make sure you remember. or take a pic of person ribbons and horse as they come out of the ring???
  7. dreaminmini

    First time showing, Our 4 year old grand daughter, it was a Fun Show

    She was adorable, and did a great job showing Double O.
  8. dreaminmini

    Miniature Curly horses

    Hi there, How is Bongo doing? I remember him in for training, what a sweetheart!!! Drove very nice from what I can remember too. I came across his picture the other day and got to wondering how he is. Anyone liking the Curlies I have to say I really loved Bongo's gentle nature and beautiful...
  9. dreaminmini

    My Christmas present!

    Congratulations!! I love him!!
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    WHOO HOO got my 100% this year! Secret Santa

    Sorry I am late posting. Thank you Davie for my wonderful presents!! I am ovewhelmed! I cannot wait to try the Friendship Soup recipe with the dry mix you sent (my hubby too LOL) I LOVE the horse wind chimes, it is something to look forward to in the spring. There was also two lovely nylon...
  11. dreaminmini

    Christmas movies

    Never seen Annabelles Wish...have to go look. Prancer is a cute movie too if you like animal ones.
  12. dreaminmini

    Christmas movies

    LOVE Christmas movies. Love the two you mentioned but added to that White Christmas and It's a Wonderful Life, Christmas Story and The Santa Claus, a Christmas Carol and the Christmas Shoes, Miracle on 34th Street White Christmas and It's a Wonderful Life are my tops. I also enjoy Santa Baby...
  13. dreaminmini

    WHOO HOO got my 100% this year! Secret Santa

    Glad you liked it! Merry Christmas to you and your family too.
  14. dreaminmini

    Help Santa! PLAY This Game & Win!!!

    I will pick 44.