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    Horse Agility Club

    You make me want to start doing this .
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    Parts for a e-z Entry cart

    Ok ya'll I know this has been a long time but ,I found some parts but I don't know what this part is called and its the last thing I need .Thanks for all your great ideas . It loos like a u with a bolt that is welded to the fram .
  3. dpollum21

    Parts for a e-z Entry cart

    Where's the best place to buy replacement parts for an ez entry cart ?I have a cart that the mini broke all the hardwear so I need a diagram with part names of the whole ez entry cart so I can replace all the parts and if any one knows a good place to buy replacement part would be a great help .
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    Anyone use electric sheep netting?

    I do use the sheep fencing ,n I use live wire .we have a moose zapper electric fence (one of our largest ponies only respects the zap)I've been lucky with it .I use it for one of my round pens ( with no zap ) its easy to move n see . Horses will always find a way to get into trouble no matter...