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    Pinto VR Paint

    pinto is a color, any breed or mix ....paint is a breed registry, parents must be registered paints or quarter horses. imho sorrel is a lighter red....while chestnut is darker red...kind of brownish red. hope that helps tracy
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    when a horse will not quit

    this horse has no respect for you. do you know who clinton anderson is? his methods WORK! do you get rfd tv? he is on there several times a week. We bought a little stallion who, when i attempted to make him do something he didnt want to do, his first reaction was to rear up and come after...
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    Got my horses color testing results back!!

    ok...the way i read the results....Ee means both black and red that not right....which could be a bay....aa means black points only if the color she is normally has them..... ?????? tracy