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    Fencing Issues

    I love it. I’d like to have that painted on the tailgate of my truck
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    Barn Building and Progress

    I don’t think that I would use sand in the stalls. When I get the time to build a new barn I plan to use a dense grade grave. Then saw dust on top of that. It drains good and easy to clean and replace. That’s just my opinion and I’m a big believer in to each their own.
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    For Fun: WWYD/Should I?

    I can’t get the picture to enlarage but it looks good from the small picture. I can’t tell if they are bicycle wheels or regular cart wheels. If they are bike wheels keep an eye on them some times they will fold over.
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    For Fun: WWYD/Should I?

    I’d say get it. I just built a wagon for my mini donkey team. I haven’t seen the one that you’re talking about but that is what I’d price mine at or more, and then there’s the harness. Of course you need to get another pony/mini to pair up with the mare that you have because your donkey won’t...
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    Historical stallions

    There’s nothing wrong with that. we all need some place to go when we get to that age. Buckaroo was a great little showman as a young stud colt. He won every class that I saw him in “ back in the day”.
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    colours and changes

    Ike old and out of touch with all these new fancy color. In the old days we would have called him gray, plain and simple. But like I said I’m old and just a simple kind of guy.
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    portable round pen?

    I was just thinking about this earlier today. I’m thinking of about somewhere around the 20’ diameter range. As far as what to make it out of I’m still up in the air about that. I’m thinking about maybe using old pallets or possibly pvc piping that I can take apart and move.
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    Historical stallions

    Granddad and MrMoody were good friends. I remember us trading back and forth with him a lot.
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    Historical stallions

    I run up on a neat website the other day called American Miniatures historical stallions. My granddad has 2 on there ( Shady Acres Jonico & Shady Acres Jo Jo ). I remember a lot of them from back in the early and mid ‘80s when we were showing all over the country. Just thought Ya’ll might get a...
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    Conformation Question

    I like her just the way she is I wouldn’t change a thing, but that’s just me and I have always liked them more drafty.
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    Boil water question

    I’d say yes they will be fine.
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    Mini pony and bathing

    I agree that when using a hose starting with the hooves and slowly working up the leg is the best method. Low water pressure to start is also a good thing. And it may take several times to move from the hooves to the leg to the thigh, and so on. Don’t get in a hurry.
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    Drive Me Buggy 2020 Hours

    I ground drove Hershey a half hour yesterday as a refresher and it was like he hadn’t missed a day. I ground drove Tumbleweed an hour yesterday and an hour and a half today. I was wanting to get them hitched to the wagon today just to get things adjusted but it was looking like rain and I had...
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    Body language

    When it comes to donkeys I read somewhere that you have to teach a donkey 3 times. Once to the left side of the brain once to the right side of the brain and the third time so they can put it all together. I have found this to be true for the most part. Some pick it up on the second time and...
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    Me also! Once I get my team of long ears trained I plan on doing several different things with them so they can “earn their keep”. Things like logging, raking the yard, etc.