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    Can someone please help me save the horses... please...

    These animals are dying. Not to sound harsh and I feel for your situation, but you should have been in contact with the police and the humane society as soon as all the rabbits and chickens died. You might not get them back, but better then be cared for. Yes it's his and his moms property, but...
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    Wanted to see if anyone else feel this way

    Sounds like she has no idea what she's doing if she doesn't know what a good stallion costs. Just be thankful she didn't have the money to buy him. Sorry about your luck.
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    Getting to know each other

    Ok here we go... -I love clothes, makeup and hair! -if I could do anything I would work for UNICEF of word food program. I want to save the world I guess you can say. -I sneeze uncontrollably when I pluck my eye brows! Lol!
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    Foal Soon....

    Good luck! Hope she goes soon
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    Our New Dog!

    Though i would show some pics of our new dog! she is about 6 months old and came from Mexico! The rescue was so awesome to deal with! She does have a fear of big dogs, but she doesn't get aggressive. My borther brough over his lab today and when she saw him she first started just screaming and...
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  10. Sugar Foot

    Sugar Foot

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    Having baby

    THANKS GUYS!!!! YOU WERE ALL SO HELPFUL I CAN'T SAY THANK YOU ENOUGH! Its nice to noT have to worry anymore! Cindy got her Banamine and I got my wine last night lol!
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    Having baby

    He has a name! lol! We let the kids who have been caring for Cindy name the baby and they named him "Sugar Foot" LOL becaues it looks like he walked in sugar! I thought it was VERY creative and cute haha!
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    Having baby

    PIC TIME!!!! I'm so happy Cindy is doing good!!
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    Having baby

    Cindy did awesome!! We had to help her out and there was a few scary came out with its legs crossed over its head. Had the vet on the phone and guided us through it. He was up in about 10mins! Vet is on her way out cause he is sucking like no tomorrow all over Cindy and trying to...