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    Deviled Eggs

    Maryann I never thought about using honey mustard! When I'm done mixing everyting up I put a pinch of sugar in the mix so the honey would do the trick!
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    Worried about my unborn foal

    Hi, welcome to the forum! I wouldn't call it normal.. typically a stallion won't try to breed a mare already in foal but it's possible yes some mares already pregnant will allow the cover. There are mares who may tease year round but do not ovulate. A stallion in close proximity can cause a...
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    Heritage of mini horses lines

    You have two very handsome boys with great old champion backgrounds there. Code Reds Shetland pedigree dates back to the 1800s when Shetlands were first imported into the U.S. from the Shetland Isles. Some of those first imports I understand were crossed with Hackney, Welsh, and Harness Show...
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    What do your ponies get for feed each day?

    I'm going to move this for you to the main forum. You did put it in the right place but there's not much pony talk here (on pony forum) and people with both ponies and minis frequent the main forum so you may get more exposure there.
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    Fore cart

    I'd like to see how this progresses too!!  If you try, please take step photos.
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    we brought our mini foal colt home and need advise on training techniques

    charliebrown yes not having time to spend with him could account for the reason. All it takes is a little time and then he'll be fine, just try to set aside some time each day to handle him though or he will continue to get worse.  Here is a link I've had bookmarked for years, not specific to...
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    we brought our mini foal colt home and need advise on training techniques

    Good topic. Sounds like now is the time to nip some bad behavior in the bud. I'm assuming that maybe he was weaned early and you purchased only him and not his dam? Was it obvious he'd been handled and was he fine and quiet with halter and lead when you got him? If moms not in the picture are...
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    AMHA World Championship Show

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    Driving in heat

    This is a really good article! Thanks for posting.
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    Kodak Moments

    Oh my gosh those are beautiful and Marsha so are your rainbows.
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    Weight Watchers

    bless his little heart that's so sweet you riding him around.  I don't think that'd work on the street strider but depending on how little he is it might. It does have an optional platform on the back and also shows a woman using hers to get things from the market. Heres a video from their site.
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    Parasite information

    Good information thanks!
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    New Forum Look

    LOL that was the biggest complaint I got... about the heart (love?) being used for a "like" button -- that and the trophy for thank you, so I changed them both. I could change them back.    That's weird about the !!  embrace it I say. hhhaha