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    Canadian All stars is up on the AMHR website

    Congrats! One good looking boy you have there. It's too bad AMHR doesn't give out certificates or anything like AMHA does for Honor Roll. Or at least I was told they don't. Then you could have some sort of keepsake of his win.
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    CARTS - Jerald vs. Graber

    I have both and like my Graber SOOOO much better. I have driven my horse, and other horses ranging from 29.5 inches to 34 inches tall in both brands and preferred the Graber every time. It is a much smoother ride and way more comfortable. I weigh under 110 pounds and am a smidge under 5 foot 9...
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    Hello from Edmonton. I live right downtown. My parents and horses live about half an hour from the west side of the city. I am going to send you a PM as soon as I finish here. The Western Canadian Miniature Horse Club is a great club. The people are friendly and our shows are a lot of fun. We...
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    It's Amazing What A Year Can Do

    It is amazing the difference a year of growing and good feed can make. I won Fly last year in a program put on by our club, the Western Canadian Miniature Horse Club, called the Youth Incentive Program. I brought him home in August last year and by this spring you never would have known it was...
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    Grammar Pet Peeve

    One of my Psychology professors in college had horrible grammar skills. It always bothered me that someone working in education would make so many simple grammar errors. The following is an email he sent me that I kept for comedic purposes. The majority of his emails were almost as bad as this...
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    New AMHA showmanship patterns/rules help

    I think you may have missed that my question was about the new AMHA patterns not AMHR or ASPC. I didn't know AMHR had new ones too. I will take a look at those pages as I am doing an AMHR show in August so your info was still helpful. Thanks.
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    New AMHA showmanship patterns/rules help

    Ok, so these new AMHA showmanship patterns have me confused. It's not actually the new patterns that confuse me but rather what you are supposed to do before and after the pattern. With the original three patterns you entered the ring counter clockwise and lined up side by side at the direction...
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    Meet our first 2011 foal

    She's beautiful Dawn. Congrats!
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    Lost our first foal

    Oh Dawn I'm so sorry. How devastating. I would have done the same thing in your situation. Not only did you prevent this from happening again to you but you prevented other possible negative situations involving the dog from occurring. I'm sure it was tough, but the right choice. Keep your chin...
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    Funny Picture

    Someone managed to snap this picture of Drifter and I this summer at a show when I wasn't looking. It was a long day, starting to rain, and we had to wait outside the barn/ring because there were too many spectators inside. I laughed so hard when I saw this picture. You can tell how Drifter and...
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    Let's see everyone's

    Dawn, you know how much I like Catmandu. Sherlock sure looks like daddy in that picture. All of mine are geldings. Each of them are very special to me for different reasons. Bear and Copper were my first horses and will be eight years old this spring. I got them for my thirteenth birthday...
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    Comment by 'dali1111' in media 'cmfilly.jpg'

    Dawn she/he is gorgeous. I'm assuming this is a Catmandu baby.
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    Nostalgic Pics

    This picture isn't of me but it's my great grandfather. I never met him but I think we would have gotten along very well. Every Christmas he would dress up as Santa and deck the horse out as a reindeer and drive up and down the streets in his town.
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    Horse sucking on tails...

    I couldn't figure out why Bear was missing a spot of fur and a chunk of his tail. It is up at the base of his tail so at first I thought it could be worms, even though I hadn't seen him rubbing his tail, so I wormed everybody. Then I thought maybe he had lice that I couldn't see and was going to...
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    Pictures of you 30" and under horses!

    The 30" and under horses have a very special place in my heart. Like most little girls I grew up wanting a horse. Unlike most girls, I wanted a mini not an Arab or any other 'typical' fantasy breed. My dream came true when I was 13 years old. Bear and Copper were my 13th birthday present. They...