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    I will guess 60...
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    new mini/horse owner

    Hi Mike..also from Ohio..northwest of Dayton. You will love your little horse even more when he is gelded..I have 2 geldings and they are just the BEST!! My grand-daughter shows one and is moving on to the other one in driving next year...and possibly showing a filly from this year. Lots of...
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    Marty..me too... My agent told me that having stallions on the property was a BIG liability!! I told him they were mini`s and apparently the big whigs in the Industry do not realize the size difference. State Farm is not a company I could recommend..period..
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    My herd is about to DOUBLE...lol

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! If I weren`t cutting way down I would have loved to have Dream...they are ALL nice...but I have been looking at her for awhile now. Just had to keep reminding myself its time to slow down a little....[boy is that hard to do!]
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    The end of an era for Little America

    I am so sorry to hear this Tony, he was and always will be one of my favorite Orion sons...
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    Lesser of 2 evils......???

    Tami...this is a question I ask myself a LOT!! I have 3 babies this year and they are wooley and while the oldest is shedding some of his baby fuzz I see them lying outside in the SUN. So, I have to ask just how miserable are they...LOL To ease my mind when its really hot I spray them with the...
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    Scams go BOTH ways....

    A friend of mine just bought a nice used 2 horse trailer and found it listed in Country Living...she drove down to see it and bought it on the spot. It was a used dealership and I will ask her the name, maybe its something you can drive down and check out... On the other hand..I have not heard...
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    Trusting others, it was the right person

    Carolyn, I am so sorry to hear this. I didn`t realize you had taken the job in Tenn....wishing you and the horses all the best. Let us know when they arrive and how everyone is doing...thinking of you..
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    has not set their status

    has not set their status
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    Thanks for the help everyone!! I really learned something on this one...she is finally allowing baby to nurse without intervention. Been down there off and on all day tieing her up and letting baby nurse. Boy..am I glad Mother Nature finally kicked in!!! But I have to say I have never seen a...
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    Thanks so much!! Mare is being difficult as this is her first foal and I have had to tie her and twitch her..but baby seems to be getting something. I did get some when I tried to milk her, so there is some there...just scared me that maybe I would have a big problem!!
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    I have a mare that just delivered a really nice, healthy filly and doesn`t seem to have a full bag...not like my other mares did...so wondering if oxytocin will help it come in?? Any thoughts appreciated!
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    Champions Sale in Ohio

    My turn for a 'bad thing'...give me info on the sale....I am cutting down and want to see whats being offered. Just to 'look'...Honest...
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    Last foal of the year as arrived

    Very Pretty boy!!! LOVE the question mark on his forehead...
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    wow, this one's teen tiny!

    Absolutely a beautiful little colt!! Many Congrats to his breeder and his owners...