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    Spring Time Hairy Horse Hint!

    I know what you mean AngC. I was worried at first the horses would be too hard on the brushes, but they hold up well. I keep my horses in 12 x 12 stalls and I worry about them getting bored, but between the jolly ball toys and their wall brushes they stay pretty happy. When I get a new horse...
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    Spring Time Hairy Horse Hint!

    Shedding season is upon us! This is my favorite hint for helping with the over abundance of spring time hair during shedding season! I remove the handle from a push broom (Quickie brush is the brand I like), and then tie just the broom part to the wall in each of my stalls. My horses LOVE...
  3. Stall Brush

    Stall Brush

    Spring time help for your hairy horse! I removed the handle from a push broom, and tied one in each stall. My horses LOVE brushing themselves in the spring when they are shedding.
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    I finally have one of my dream girls!

    Very Pretty!!! Congratulations!
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    Oh my goodness what an incredible story! What a wonderful surprise for you after a difficult foaling year! Congratulations to you!!!! Your filly is beautiful
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    FINALLY a filly!

    Congratulations on your filly! She is very fancy! Love her pretty head.
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    Lookie what we got this morning!

    Awwwww how NEAT!!! Love him! Bet you are so excited! Congratulations!
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    Looking for a photo of Bozemans Who Dat

    I'm trying to locate a photo of the stallion Bozemans Who Dat. Please email me if you can help! Thank you! [email protected]
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    First foal of 2012 Little Hooves Moonlight Sonata

    I just love him Brenda! Very interesting color genetics. And such a handsome boy! Congratulations to you (and Becca)!
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    Our new Bandito baby!

    Thank you everyone! We like him too! And thank you Mona for bringing that up about the LW Overos. It's so true. I had Gage test Bandito for LWO to be able to breed him to this mare. I didn't think he was LWO positive, but I would never breed LWO to LWO. So I had him test him just to be...
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    High Meadow Miniatures' latest foals

    Congratulations Autumn! They are both so adorable!
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    ♥ ♥ ♥ 2012 Foals ♥ ♥ ♥

    Bullockcorner, I just love your little colt! His loud color is fantastic!!! I'm curious what the sire and dam look like to your little guy. I know you mentioned they were basically solid.
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    Our new Bandito baby!

    We are so thrilled with this little one! Arrived on May 16th about 10 pm. He's by Little Kings BT Buck Bandito out of our Cross Country Rowdy Reflection mare. His dam is a minimal frame (tested positive for LWO). He's a buckskin pinto overo and has one blue eye.
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    Frame Overo and Splashed Owners Please share your photos :)

    Wow Bullockcorner your colt is NEAT!! Love that he is LWO negative. Great color!!! This little guy arrived the other day and will more than likely test as Frame LWO. His dam is a minimal frame overo.
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    ♥ ♥ ♥ 2012 Foals ♥ ♥ ♥

    Our first foal of the year and we are thrilled with him. It's a COLT and a buckskin overo to boot! He is by Little Kings BT Buck Bandito out of a Cross Country Rowdy Reflection daughter. He has a loud blaze and a blue eye. Giving this a try....hopefully the pics will show up...