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    Update on hubby etc etc

    Kay---omg, why didn't you call? I don't get by here much and today I just happened to decide to cruise through and see what was going on and I see this. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Please call if you need to talk, or anything at all. Tami
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    New ASPC Filly

    She's beautiful.
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    That poor dude. You're probably right about him having been mishandled undersaddle as well as in his care... your love will go a long way. He will quickly respond to your kindness, and seems to have already.
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    Question from another board, I think its stifle problems, but.... not much experience about it......

    The reason it probably seems like it's a matter of her 'leg falling asleep' is becuase she's probably stalled at night, and in a case of locking stifles that's probably the worst thing you can do is stall them. It makes them stand in a fairly confined space for a 'long' period of time and the...
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    Your Favorite Horse Names?

    Of my favorites that I own, I love: Country Haven's Red Hot N' Rollin' == I named him that because he was a moving machine from the moment he hit the ground. I had no idea that a year later it would come to mean he was so fat and round I could roll him down the aisle. LOL Lost Acres True Blue...
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    For genetic experts..question

    Mailman? LOL Just kidding Kay
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    Palomino foal pics

    Thank you all so much! They are so beautiful. Jill your pic of BG as a foal helped a whole lot because he's the Spitting image of my filly who either has to be a palomino, or a silver buckskin, but silver buckskin should 'not' be possible. I am going to be sending in for that silver test just to...
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    Palomino foal pics

    Wow that is quite a change, Tami. Thanks. She's lovely.
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    Palomino foal pics

    Thank you guys. Beautiful foals!
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    Palomino foal pics

    Thanks Corinne, she's beautiful!
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    Palomino foal pics

    Can you guys with pictures of your palomino foals especially in winter coats please post for me?
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    Silver Dilution Test

    Can you guys give me a link for AG?
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    Fire at Little King

    My heart goes out to the Eberths and to the family of the fireman. What a tragedy.
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    Prayers for Lyn and her daughter

    Thanks for the update, Lyn. We will continue to keep Amy, Aaron, and your whole family in our prayers here as well. Both of you rest, and take care.
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    I'm BAAaaaaaaaaaaack!

    Congratulations Janine. He's a beauty. There's nothing like the variety of colors you get throughout the year with a roan. I love them.