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    AMHR Washington State

    There are 4 shows that we in Washington usually attend for AMHR. That is the Spring Fling in Eugene, OR in April, Pacific Crown is usually in May (Lynden), Washington Shetland Pony in June (Lynden), and finish up with Evergreen in July (Spanaway, WA). There used to be a show in Eastern WA, but...
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    Second wreck :(

    No need to go where she or you don't want to go. I love Liberty work, tricks, etc. And now there is Horse Agility! Woohoo! What fun!
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    Quick question- russet lining on black harness?

    Here is an example of my horse using a russet lined harness in a combined driving event.
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    Miniature Horses as Guide Animals (POLL: Yes or No)

    Mountain Woman, I definitely understand. I met both of these wonderful ladies as a result of my passion for clicker training. That is also the reason for my LB handle: ClickMini. To each their own, I am a live and let live sort. I would just hate to have Ann and Mona's very capable guides...
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    Miniature Horses as Guide Animals (POLL: Yes or No)

    I was invited by my friend JILL to come onto this forum to explain my support for this. I have handled horses my entire life, so I do feel I meet Jill's qualifier in this instance. I believe there are SOME horses that are very well suited for the work and they can be of excellent service, not...
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    AMHA Show Ring Driving vs. Carriage Driving...why isn't there more cross-over?

    grace67 and targetsmom, that Dressage Today article was written by my friend Michelle Hoch. she is going to be ecstatic that it actually resulted in someone getting their first mini to drive! Michelle and i just co-wrote another article that was published in the current issue of Miniature Horse...
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    Anyone have experience with Granulosa Cell Tumor?

    Thanks to both of you. Her behavior is actually quite horrible which is what made me run the panel to begin with. I call her the squeaky toy because the other horses touch her and she squeals like a little piggy. She also strikes and kicks quite strenuously. She has twice come at me like she was...
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    Anyone have experience with Granulosa Cell Tumor?

    My little mini mare who just turned 3 years and is a hormonal psycho nut job just tested high for both estrogen and inhibins which is an indicator of granulosa cell tumor. She also has a very cresty neck, to an unusual degree for her age and body type. I think it is extremely rare for it to...
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    Anyone have a dark stained wood cart?

    Here is one of my mahogany stained cart with my mare that is similar to yours in color. It has burgundy and gold pinstriping. Mind you, this will NOT work with every horse. If you get a horse that favors "cool" tones, this won't look as well. For example, a silver, gray, white, or some...
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    Happy to Introduce Prince

    Very nice! Sounds like he has had a great life. Congrats on finding this little jewel!
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    Newest painting...

    Love it, Kim!
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    AMHA Meeting

    Attendance was very low at this meeting. I think we counted off 59 on Saturday. I believe I may have been the only one there who did vote for it, lol! Nothing like swimming upstream. I understand the reasons that people voted it down and will admit on reflection that my motives are probably...
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    AMHA Annual Meeting in Orlando Florida

    I will be there, too.
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    Feedback on Ozark Minitack DVDs?

    Thanks everyone, I bought the whole set yesterday. Little Lady, sorry, I did before I saw your post! Appreciate the feedback, you all (enablers! LOL) gave me the info I need to know that I would definitely learn something. If I learn one thing that helps me save time, my back (!), or present...
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    Feedback on Ozark Minitack DVDs?

    JMS, did you feel you learned new info from each of the DVDs? How about the bathing one? I think that is the one I am most waffley about, but maybe I won't get the whole picture if I don't order the full set?