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    CDE in Colorado

    HI all, I am part of an orgainizing committee for a CDE out in Colorado. The event will be on Sept 16 and 17 at Tomora Training Center in Greeley Colorado. The CDe is open to all types and sizes of horses. We will be offering both training and preliminary levels for minis, if we had enough...
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    hay prices

    We've had very little rain were I livein Colorado. Since January, we've had less tjan 1/2 inch of moisture total and we've already had record number of days over 90 degrees. I need to buy hay this year since my pasture is not irrigated and it never even grew this spring. I went to a hay...
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    How to teach a horse "form" in jumping

    with our big hunter horses we use gymnastic exercises to help them learn to tuck their legs and have better form over the fences. I don't jump my minis but I suppose it would work for the minis as well. We usuall start with a ground rail set about 6-9 feet out from the fence to a vertical jump...
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    How many of the members here

    I've had one large WB mare that needed colic surgery. She had her first baby at ten, and delivered a very large healthy boy. Well about two months after the birth seh went down colicing in severe pain, we gave alot of drugs and nothing seemed to be working. We jsut couldn't keep her on her...
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    Large mare bred by mini stallion

    A while back there was a post by someone and she thought her large paint mare had been bred through the fence by her mini stud. I was wondering what ever happened to that mare and if she had had her baby yet? It turns out that one of my clients has a mare that is now pregnant, well the only...
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    Do you have a mini that LOVES to show?

    I have a couple of minis who love to go to shows and I also have a large horse who loves going to shows. When I pull the trailer up in front of the barn, they all come running up to the gate and paw at the fence, its worse than feeding time. One of my little guys is really bad about wanting to...
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    CDE for minis

    We are organizing a CDE for the Fall in Greeley,Colorado and I was hoping for some comments from those of you out there who show in CDEs. It will be open to all horses, but we plan to have a special division for minis. Teh dressage will be driven in a 20 x 40 meter arena. the Marathon will...
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    Al_B, Susan, Dr. Pam, and Patty--Faceoff at

    I am so jealous! I can't wait for show season to start here in Colorado next month. Its only a month away, but that seems so far away. Where did you get your marathon cart? I've been looking for one. Right now I have a Jerald like yours, but I would really like a different cart for marathon. I...
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    mini boots

    A while back someone posted about making boots for her mini out of little kids shoes. I was wondering if they worked and stayed on? I was also wondering how they were made. I remember seeing pics of them, so if you could please post them again, I's be grateful. Thanks
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    Driving Clip Patterns

    My minis both got traced clipped about a month ago. They haave way to much hair to drive them without it. They look sort of silly, but as someone mentioned before when they are harnessed up they look fine. I would also rather look silly then have to spend three hours making sure my horses are...
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    As said, be very careful. I have used it for the first 90 days on one of my big mares to ensure that she maintained her pregnancy until the placent starts really kicking out hormones. We also used it in a study at CSU and gave it to stallions, it basically turned them into geldings, they had...
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    CDE attire

    I do CDEs and the only thing that is required to wear is a driving apron, hat, gloves and a whip. My driving apron is a modified wrap around skirt. it is fitted and has darts in the front so that it lies smoothly. Carrie
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    horse abuse

    I would try and get more information about the situation before causing the horse owner too much greif. I have a mare and for a long time she was hypothyroid (too much thyroid hormaone). She looked like an emaciated skeleton, you could count every rib and her hair was falling out. She was a high...
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    Driving shoes

    Hi all, I do combined driving with my minis and we regularly practice 6-10 km on dirt roads. the minis love it and have no problems with the distances. Unfortunately I have one mini that doesn't like traveling on gravel. so we bought him easy boots, the kind with the gators to help hold them in...
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    Tandem harness

    hi I was wondering if anyone new of a good place to buy a tandem harness for minis. I have minis that I do CDEs with and would love to try driving them in tandem. I just haven't been able to find any tandem harness anywhere. thanks Carrie