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  1. Christina_M

    AMHA Lookup Please

    Thank you for looking it up. I greatly appreciate your help.
  2. Christina_M

    AMHA Lookup Please

    WRMH Gods Golden Susie Q - A 189230 - Who is the "owner of record" and their address please? Thanks in advance!
  3. Christina_M

    News that Les Matheny passed away

    SORRY! Here are the CORRECT TIMES: Charles Leslie Matheny Friends may call from Wednesday 6-8pm and Thursday 10am-11am with the service following at Wellman Funeral Home in Circleville, Oh 43113. Burial at Jackson Twp. Cemetery. Memorial contributions may be made to the American Heart Association.
  4. Christina_M

    Cats are driving me nuts

    I'm so sorry you are going through this. I know how you feel. You get one mess cleaned up and another spot appears some where else. I have a cat that marked everything that smelled like me (he marked me once while I was sleeping). He now lives outside in the garage. We put a cat door in the...
  5. Christina_M

    Pictures for the AMHA & AMHR registration - an example, Would you want to post your 4 pics?

    This was a previous topic, however, most of the pictures have been deleted from that post. Would you care to add some current examples for AMHA & AMHR Registration pics along with any advice? I have a question about the picture of the head for AMHA. Should I crop out the feet so the picture...
  6. Christina_M

    How/Where to sell used books?

    I keep posting my used school books on Craigslist, but I can't seem to get any buyers. Personally, I think Craigslist is the cheapest place for me to buy used school books. I would rather not sell them back to the bookstore, because they don't want to pay any money for them. Since my school...
  7. Christina_M

    Winter cold and safely working horses

    I live in Ohio, so the winters here get cold and snowy. I've heard a few different opinions on when I should and shouldn't work the horses, but I would like to know more. Someone told me that you shouldn't exercise the horses when it's below 10 degrees because it is bad for their lungs. I'm...
  8. Christina_M

    Conditioning a harness

    I need to condition my driving harness, but it's cold outside so I can't condition it outside. I'm worried that I'll get the conditioner on the floor from the harness. I was thinking that I could put plastic down on the floor? So I decided to ask the driving experts....How do you condition a...
  9. Christina_M

    Poll for Ohio State World Show 2010

    I'm sorry I've been tardy on my post. I had a nasty cold that turned into a sinus infection. Yuck! I'm not looking forward to getting in shape either. As far as I know, for now, they are only considering adding the Mini liberty and hunter or jumper. Thanks for your votes and comments...
  10. Christina_M

    Poll for Ohio State World Show 2010

    Hello everyone, Bud Stephenson (president of Area 2 Club) asked me to poll if Area 2 added Hunter or Jumper classes for A & B minis would it be supported? So please let me know if: A) You would support A & B Hunter or Jumper classses if they were put in the Ohio State Fair World Show in 2010...
  11. Christina_M

    Driving Reins for ground driving

    Yes, I mean snapping the lines to the terrets, and then up through the bit & then back to your hands. You say those are draw reins....Thank you for replying! I won't do that then. I'll just use them by snapping to the bit, then running through the terrets to my hands to ground drive (same way...
  12. Christina_M

    ok Mark B. have a question for you

    Attention mini-mart shoppers! I love it horsefeathers! I agree, enquiring minds want to know.
  13. Christina_M

    Driving Reins for ground driving

    Thanks so much for the replies and idea's. So it looks like I'm searching for Long lines. Yes, I meant that the lines are hooked to the terrets then through the bit to my hands, makes it easier on the horses mouth. When I am ground driving, the horse is trotting, I am jogging to keep up...
  14. Christina_M

    Driving Reins for ground driving

    I'm looking to get driving reins for ground driving that fit through the terrets and D rings. I heard that using these helps to put less pressure on the bit when ground driving. Is this correct? Would it help to keep the bit a little lighter in the mouth with the kids who are going to learn...
  15. Christina_M

    Congratulations to Russ and Rico.......

    Way to go Russ!! It was great meeting you!