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  1. Cheryl W

    Garden Cart for minis?

    Has anyone made a type of garden cart for their minis? I'm looking for something with 4 wheels (like a typical garden cart), not high off the ground. Or if you've taken a basic garden cart/wagon and added a shaft hook up, I would like to see ideas to make one. Thank you!
  2. Cheryl W

    Newbies to Minis!

    Welcome @Crickett ! We just obtained our first mini June 2019, so major learning curve for us. She is a doll and drives, though we are both very new to this. Her favorite activity right now is to play with our two Shetland sheep. Again, welcome!
  3. Cheryl W

    Susan and Missy, new kids on the block.

    Welcome @Pritanio ! It's great to have you here. So much information and beautiful minis :-) Hope your healing goes as planned and you can get out to play soon.
  4. Cheryl W

    Driving Me Buggy 2019 Hours!!!

    Good job, @Cayuse ! We have not been driving in a while. Have put cart down cellar in order to strip and repaint it. Snow is coming, so expect there won't be much driving here. All depends on how the winter goes.
  5. Cheryl W

    New to Driving - Questions

    Hi @Tess I am a newbie here, but we purchased a 4 y/o mare this summer (our first mini) and the gentleman we bought her from did some basic training in harness with her. I have had big horses but haven't driven before to speak of. Ezzie is young and green, I'm green but not young. ROFL I...
  6. Cheryl W

    Your Drive Day

    Ah ha, @Cayuse -- different cart made it better. Was wondering this myself about the EZ Entry. Ezzie trots and I end up with a horrible back ache. Driving was supposed to be easier for our backs. LOL going to be refinishing the EZ Entry (removing all the paint, cleaning the rust...
  7. Cheryl W

    Your Drive Day

    Oh Awesome @MajorClementine !! Am sure we would never find something like that up here (in Maine).
  8. Cheryl W

    Driving Me Buggy 2019 Hours!!!

    Thank you all so much for your replies and suggestions. As we are not working inclines yet...the one just down the road is quite steep to start with, so haven't pursued that. Just going on flat at this point (have 3 miles of flat to work). I have, actually, worked her for several weeks after...
  9. Cheryl W

    Driving Me Buggy 2019 Hours!!!

    Had Ezzie out for 40 minutes this morning!!!! She started out being "naughty" and making it clear she didn't want to. A little difficult to harness but perhaps she's in heat. Got going and she went quietly though acted a bit unsettled at first. Think she simply didn't like the breeching today...
  10. Cheryl W

    Driving Me Buggy 2019 Hours!!!

    Thank you for the welcome! It's great to be around you all and it gets me excited and less anxious about driving. It's all new to me, so slow and easy we go. Our girl is nicknamed Ezzie. She was called Donni as a foal, and came to us as Asmeralda. Just got her in June. Smart as a whip, she...
  11. Cheryl W

    Driving Me Buggy 2019 Hours!!!

    Thank you, Cayuse! Am enjoying reading and learning! Glad to see you getting so much time out with Cappy and Peanut!!
  12. Cheryl W

    Driving Me Buggy 2019 Hours!!!

    Thank you, Patty! Have been checking out your site and seeing the superb systems you have developed. We love our girl even though she can be sassy at times - LOL. In harness, she is very good. Our first couple tries with her were a bit nervewracking as I did not expect her to whoa and step...
  13. Cheryl W

    Newbie here! I have two minis and one American Shetland

    Welcome Linda!!! You have beautiful ponies. Did you recently get them? Pasture will definitely get them chubby if not monitored and if you have really good grass. Also, exercise is a big thing. We have a 4 y/o and she gets 1/3 of a flake three times a day. We have no grass...
  14. Cheryl W

    Driving Me Buggy 2019 Hours!!!

    Now, why just boots on the front? Thank you, Mindy, for the videos, info and pictures of the sled, and the instructions. I am most grateful!!! Am actually excited about winter fun with Ezzie :-)
  15. Cheryl W

    Driving Me Buggy 2019 Hours!!!

    Hi Mindy! I'll need to toughen up to drive in the winter here. But if you do it in Montana, then I can here in Maine. LOL We have an EZ Entry, also, and have been thinking about putting wider tires on with deeper tread for the winter. Would only be on our road which is gravel most of the...