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    Quick Christmas costume idea

    Suzie, you never cease to make me smile!
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    Question about weight loss and pain

    Ok forget Vickie's, how bout Walmart? I get mine there (when I wear them)
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    Albuquerque Intl. Balloon Fiest 07'

    This time lapse video of the Fiesta was done by a friend of ours. Almost as good as being here, and a lot faster Look for the kissing bees at the end. TimeLaps ABQ Fiesta 07'
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    Minis trimming(what does your farrier charge?

    I pay $40 a trim. It's a little much, but as has been said, you get what you pay for. My farrier is older and it takes a lot of effort. He's the ex-president of the farrier's association, and great at what he does, so I expect to pay more.
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    Smokey Blacks and Smokey Silvers

    I also have a smokey black who was born with bright blue eyes, and they are now hazel at 3 years old. She was tested to be smokey black, but does NOT carry silver. Here's Shimmer.......... Color and Eye color as a baby Eyes as adult Summer color as adult
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    Anyone here a Real Estate Agent?

    You Have a PM :
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    Your Favorite NEW TV Shows?

    MA, thanks for agreeing with one of my knew favorites!!! :aktion033: MOONLIGHT................Awesome show and yes the star is YUMMY :new_shocked: Can't miss Ghost Whisperer or Moonlight : Also still love Criminal Minds and Bones :
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    Thank you SO MUCH Charmed Minis!

    Hi JJ!!! Long time, no hear! I'm the one that bought Rosebud from you. Call me sometime, 505-270-6461. I just sent some new Junebug pictures to Susan. My picture program is acting up so hopefully she will post some more pictures for me. For size difference perspective, Karo is 32", Junebug...
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    Thank you SO MUCH Charmed Minis!

    Thank you for all the kind words everyone! We love her soooo very much already! She's only been here for 4 days and was part of the family within the first hour. She is living with my 2 year old filly, Karo, whom some of you might remember. Karo was born with Extremely lax tendons and...
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    GPS for the car?? Any good cheap ones??

    I couldn't live without mine........I use it for work on a daily basis. Mine is not hand held, it's mounted on my dash, but is removable and I only leave it in my car for short periods. The main thing to look for is to make sure you get one that can be updated with new mapping software! I...
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    My Stallion's Interesting Story From This Summer

    I've been meaning to share this with you all for a while now, but I've been working too much. I've had horses now for almost 20 years and never knew this could happen, so I think it's important for everyone to know. In August I noticed my 14 year old Stallion Peppy, was a little limpy with his...
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    How many of you drive an hour or more

    My commute is 35 minutes one way on a good day and 60 or so on a bad traffic day. Work is 19 miles one way from my house. You get used to the commute really fast! I'd jump on that house. Something like that where I live would be in the 5 or 6 hundred thousands. :new_shocked:
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    Bonnie Not at Nationals.......

    Well Good Grief Bonnie! I hope you feel better soon, sounds like they are doing all the right things. DO NOT fly with plugged ears...........ouch ouch ouch, and you will then be dizzy and oogy woogy for quite a long time. So great that you are eating healthier and losing weight........try...
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    Happy Birthday Dear Michael in Heaven

    BIG GIANT HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL!!!! I remember the 20 year birthday, it was the first year I felt old! :new_shocked: Michael, you and Tracey make some mischief and send your Mom, Dad, and Brother some extra big hugs. Marty, you know I'm always here, and you guys are always in my thoughts ...
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    Just finished a new Ad... I need some fresh eyes

    Only thing I would change would be to move the text at the top, higher up so that there is more blank space above her ear. Oh and maybe make the "Semi" the same font as the "Simplisensational".