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  1. Charlene

    So whats the meanest thing someone has said to you? I think I have a winner here!!

    at gary's funeral, i had a woman come up to me and say "that's a lovely outfit. you should wear it when you start dating." i was so shocked, i didn't know what to say to her so i just walked away. to this day, i wonder what was going through her mind!
  2. Charlene

    I can't get a break....or maybe I can.

    oh how i can relate!!!! as i have gotten older (MUCH older!), i now take time to evaluate the situation carefully and i always think to myself "now, if i do it THIS way, i'm probably gonna be ok. but, if i do it THAT way and end up on my kiester, there is NOBODY around here to help me up and...
  3. Charlene

    ever seen a pig smile?

    they do fine living outside in the winter as long as they have shelter. mine have their choice of 2 barns but in the winter, they usually all snuggle up together in 1. they have thick straw bedding as well as lots of blankets to push around to their liking. about the only thing i do...
  4. Charlene

    ever seen a pig smile?

    OMG! that's scary and funny all at the same time! i use raisins for treats. i usually toss a few into the pools so the pigs can go raisin bobbing. LOL and yes, they are indeed smart animals! it takes them seconds to learn something but don't ever teach them something you don't want them to...
  5. Charlene

    Anyone here breed dogs?

    matt, that is just unrealistic. i will put my flame suit on, too...if a person is not showing, health testing and seeking to better their chosen breed, they have no business churning out puppies. responsible breeders make sure their puppies are going to homes knowledgeable of their breed. i...
  6. Charlene

    ever seen a pig smile?

    no? well, you have now! pigs are loathe to share. they want things to themselves. however, arnold and porkahontas have always been the best of buddies. yesterday, they took it to a whole new level.
  7. Charlene

    Great Danes

    i've had danes for 6 years, all rescues. while much of what has been posted is true, there are exceptions to every rule. my 2 danes do great with underground fence. i've had it since they were about 4 years old (both going on 7). danes are wonderful dogs but if you want a dane, buy from a...
  8. Charlene

    She did it again!!! :)

    congrats, kathryn!!! great picture! i just love keeping up with your show schedule and how GREAT your corgis do! when are you gonna be back down in my neck of the woods???
  9. Charlene

    perfect dog training DVD

    if it's the same one i'm thinking about, it shows dogs miraculously trained in less than 10 minutes or something ridiculous like that. if it's too good to be true.....;)
  10. Charlene

    Rest in Peace, Amy

    oh, marty! this was so shocking to read! i'm so very sorry for your loss. i, too, remember amy as a puppy. my heart aches for you.
  11. Charlene


    spring has sprung here, hope you get some nice weather soon! three of my pigs would rather never see snow but little harley seems to have a blast in it. many times, i would look out the window and see him doing zoomies while the rest of the herd hung back in the barn and watched him. i'm sure...
  12. Charlene


    thought you would get a big kick out of this! Top ten reflections upon owning what started out as a cute little piglet by Torry Stiles [ Dear friends: Regular readers will recall that last September I became the proud owner of a small pot-belly pig. Porkrinds is now seven months old and life...
  13. Charlene

    Barter????? Does anyone ever do this?

    ALL the time and i LOVE it! when i find something i want, i usually just offer less than what i'm willing to pay to give the seller some "wiggle room". i haven't found too many places that won't barter. heck, even walmart will do it. one fall, i found the perfect cushion for my glider. it...
  14. Charlene

    Fish Question

    while i've seen it done and some people can get away with it, goldfish and tropical fish should never be kept in the same tank. goldfish have a slime coating that can be harmful to tropicals. as has been said, temperature is an issue, too. goldfish can live in ice water, tropicals need warmer...
  15. Charlene


    they are SO SO SO cute!! glad the horses are accepting them. they do make some wildly funny noises, don't they!?! how do you tell them apart??