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My name is Kim. I'm 36, married for almost 15 years, and have 5 children. I used to raise miniature horses, but have gone on to Peruvian Paso horses. I realized I was not making a positive, productive impact on the miniature horse breed and despite my love for the them, I had no ability to improve, rather than just increase their numbers so I stepped aside from the breed to make room for those that do have the ability.

I have many interests that cover a very wide span of subjects. I have done graphic design, website design, write poetry and "mini-articles" that have been used in many different venues. Nothing major, at least not in publicity...but some major in personal lives which I consider to be an even greater achievement.

I am a grower. A learner. A mistake maker. I am a hopelessly deterred advocate for healing and understanding the pains that occur in our lives. Always searching for the positive purpose in a negative event. I believe there is some good in every human being. I believe in emotions in animals, and the power they have to not only love, protect, care for, and grieve for one another...but also to do the same for their humans. And I believe their humans should do the same for them.

Human compassion. Animal compassion. Understanding. Knowledge.
Peruvian Paso horses. Website design. Pedigree research. Phtography. Poetry. Understanding the dynamics of relationships in humans as well as animals. Color & pattern genetics in animals. Mentoring and comforting hurting children.
Oct 3, 1974 (Age: 49)
Northeast Arkansas




~ Kim C. ~


When weakness is converted to strength, fear is turned into hope.