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  1. chandab

    How did you decide to have a minihorse?

    I somewhat lost interest in riding, but not horses, so figured I'd have horses you don't ride. No guilt for not riding.
  2. chandab

    Exercising the young ones

    I don't see anything in these pictures indicating dwarfism. Crooked legs, which I can't see from the angles in the pictures, can be just poor conformation. Minis often have pronounced foreheads as foals and grow into with maturity. Many vets have limited experience with miniatures...
  3. chandab

    What color is he?

    You are correct, none of those are correct. While not remotely close genetically; phenotypically, grey and white is probably closest. But, now you know silver dapple (silver black) is correct.
  4. chandab

    Exercising the young ones

    Don't see any obvious signs of dwarfism, size alone does not indicate dwarfism. She looks to be proportionate, but sometimes that changes with maturing.
  5. chandab

    What color is he?

    Definitely silver black (silver dapple), pretty classic expression of it.
  6. chandab

    What color is he?

    Do you have a picture in better lighting? this pic is too dark to be sure. Likely silver black, but the picture is too dark to be sure.
  7. chandab

    What color is he?

    So what colors has he been called? I'm just curious who said what? As already stated, he's silver black (silver dapple), likely tobiano.
  8. chandab

    What's the healthy range a 36" mini should weigh?

    Mine are a bit heavier without being fat. I had a 37" slight build gelding, he had Cushings so was weighed a lot (I have a scale), he was about right at 350#, too fat at 375# and too thin at 325#. My 35" mare runs 300-320#.
  9. chandab

    Fly Spray Question

    I tried a natural one years ago, that worked ok; it had a different name, but it's this company, so guessing this is an updated product. Ultrashield Green | Natural Fly Spray | Horse Fly Spray Big Dee's Horse Tack & Vet Supplies Might be worth trying...
  10. chandab

    Soaked Alfalfa and/or Grain?

    While a lot of minis do not need "grain", they all need something more than just forage, as no forage is complete and balanced. For many minis, a ration balancer in addition to their forage is all they need. A ration balancer is a concentrated source of protein, vitamins and minerals; typical...
  11. chandab

    Help naming a miniature horse custom halter (and dog collar) business!

    I'm really poor at this sort of thing, so the only thing that came to mind was: Lavish Halters by Laura
  12. chandab

    Dislocated hip, need help finding/making sling

    eBay has lifting straps: HORSE, COW, LARGE ANIMAL LIFTING STRAP, SLING EXTRICATION RESCUE MADE IN THE USA | eBay You can try googling "pony size rescue sling"; there are quite a few hits, some showing product, some showing rigging. MIght give you some ideas. If he's small enough, perhaps a...
  13. chandab

    Dislocated hip, need help finding/making sling

    Have you considered laying him down for his hoof trims? I know of a few owners of dwarf miniatures that lay them down for their hoof trims (some due to their very short stature, and some to their leg issues making it hard to stand on three or bend joints enough).
  14. chandab

    Too fat on basically air?!?

    What beet pulp does for a horse, depends on how you feed it, and how much you feed. It's a very volumous feed when soaked, so a small amount dry weight, fluffs up quite a bit when soaked. It does have similar calories to oats, but in a safe low carb, high fiber form.
  15. chandab

    Mini mare breathing problem

    While you can't do much about the weather/environment. Soaking/wetting all her feed will help that part of her immediate environment, by reducing the dust that comes really close to her nose, you might be able to reduce some of the impact. using something like the bedding pellets, if...