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  2. Carolyn R

    I need some advice

    Make sure they are referring to a full blown founder case, not a horse with a touch of laminitis, many people use these terms as an interchangeable phrase. If it was a bit of tenderfootedness that was assumed to be founder but never diagnosed by a vet it could have been anything from a bad stone...
  3. Carolyn R

    Possibly pregnant mare wont eat grain

    I don't know if it has been mentioned but yes, it sounds like ulcers and my biggest suggestion beyond the ulcergaurd is to skip the grain for now, offer her grass and soaked alfalfa cubes and a hay with a good alfalfa ratio in it. Beyond its bad rap for being rich it does amazing things for...
  4. Carolyn R

    Fairy Gardens???

    My mother made one last year, drove me crazy with it! Little concrete houses with moss and tiled roofs and schlecht fairies and no fairy village would be complete without a unicorn! It was cute, but she has a tendancy to not maintain things, so cute today becomes a down trodden mess tomorrow. On...
  5. Carolyn R

    Goodbye my little fellow, my little friend

    I am so sorry for your loss, but it sounds like life was all the sweeter for both of you (and your family) when you found each other. Treasure knowing he had a great life with you, better than many.
  6. Carolyn R

    Medically challenged mini, quantity over quality.....when do you say enough?

    Of course any decision will be made with my vets, max's mom, you hit the nail on the head. I have to give my vets an update, and I am willing to go forward with the meds for awhile longer, but I just needed to hear from others on the matter. Guessing I just needed that reassurance that I am not...
  7. Carolyn R

    Medically challenged mini, quantity over quality.....when do you say enough?

    Sounds like you guys understand and know where I am going with this....I just needed to know what is a realistic timeframe to give the meds to do their job. Thanks for understanding and not being judgmental.
  8. Carolyn R

    Medically challenged mini, quantity over quality.....when do you say enough?

    I am not looking for any miracle cures and in all honesty, I am not going to put endless funds into a horse that isn't responding favorably to treatment, just wondering when you have all said "okay, enough". I am all for a horse that pulls through, heck, if there's a situation and they can...
  9. Carolyn R

    Smelly dog

    Y'ep all great suggestions. Some oily coated dogs don't need foods with excessive omegas and oils, sometimes food allergy issues, anal glands and ears are huge smell factors. We had a lab with ear issues and skin issues, much of the skin problems subsided with changing to a better food, the...
  10. Carolyn R

    Miniature Horse dwarfism - Test Now Available!

    Very exciting news for those that breed. I am just hoping that there are more responsible/honest individuals than not. There will always be individuals that will pawn of horses with applications that are not valid, bad bites, prior injuries, disposition issues that do not make them a good match...
  11. Carolyn R

    Lost my Best Friend Today

    Sorry for your loss. I still get teary eyed when I think of my mare I grew up with, she was 10 months when we go her, I was 9 yrs old. Had her for 23 years until she was put down due to cancer. Somehow certain horses hold a special place in our hearts.
  12. Carolyn R

    Do you believe in spirits?

    I believe that our loved ones are so connected to us,or that someone was so connected to their life on earth that sometimes they linger. Sometimes they need to be told it is okay to go, we love them but there is so much more for them and they must move on. We cared for my aunt back from 98-2000...
  13. Carolyn R

    Colic prone horse, need help- (long post)

    I agree ulcers or prone to bouts of gastro enteritis. I also agree about a senior feed, doesn't have to be a senior horse, it is just easy on the stomach. I am a huge fan of soaked hay, soaked alfalfa or alfalfa Timothy cubes, probios and oil. I will hands down choose soaked hay cubes and soaked...
  14. Carolyn R

    What classes should I enter? PHOTOS

    Liberty isn't only about the animation, it is also about the walk, trot and canter in both directions, the use of the majority of the ring, the catch at the end and even the presentation of song, horse and handler (put on a show, wear a costume, pick a song that suits the gates). It is about the...
  15. Carolyn R

    Does anyone own call ducks?

    OMG Mindy, that's awful, but funny. These will be 24-48 hours old when I get them, they should bond and hang around when they are put out as they get older. They were still pricey, but not too bad, just under $15 each, minimum of six, with a live delivery gaurantee. Shipping was free. Six was...