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  1. capall beag

    In your opinion

    Looks like a lurcher to me.
  2. capall beag

    Info. wanted about shipping dogs/puppies

    I have shipped before and total cost is normally between $275 and $350 for a small pup. I have had no problems doing it and have shipped both nationally and internationally. That said I don't think it is ideal to ship a young pup and definately a very stressful experience. A good friend of...
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    No politics -- just the love of dogs...

    I heard they were getting a labradoodle, which is a great choice I have 2:)) Awesome dogs!
  4. capall beag

    We have babies...Updated with pic's!!

    My suggestion, leave her be. We have 2 barn cats and they know where to have their babies. That said one of our barn cat is now in the house nursing her 5 kittens. She has them hidden under the stairs. Twice I tried to move them to what I thought was a 'nicer' place BOTH times she started...
  5. capall beag

    How many of you follow

    You know before I got married I did this. I got my paycheck and divided it to the cents into envelopes. My husband was the opposite, got his check and spent until it ran out and literally lived week to week. BUT he had no debt, he never had any money from Wed through fri either Since I now...
  6. capall beag

    A Happy Ending!!!

    Dear Sue, You know how I feel about this. It is very emotional, for me, seeing his pictures. This little horse never deserved the life he has led for the past 4 years. It has been a long time coming getting him out of there. I am deeply Thankful that when the opportunity arose that you...
  7. capall beag

    How Low Can It Go? For the 2nd Time This Week

    I actually think my family would do better under a Republican president financially. Certainly, we did fine under Bush. My husband is self employed and he works on the homes of wealthy people. We are certainly NOT wealthy but we benefit when wealthy people are in the mood to spend:) The only...
  8. capall beag

    obama quote

    I like this quote, works for me I need to eat less, I constantly lower the thermo, I like it at 65, saves money! Put a sweater on I own an SUV and think it is a cumbersome, gas eating monster! Even though I don't owe on it I can't afford to sell it. I wish I could downsize and be more...
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    Some information about Obama I was sent in an email

    I am sorry but if you truly believe that over half of the voting population are stupid in the USA, you don't have much faith in this country either? Whatever your view, I think is it silly to believe that either Obama/Biden or McCain/Palin are uneducated, criminal or devilish. A huge cross...
  10. capall beag

    What Famous People have you met?

    I met Robin Williams. He was in Portsmouth, NH and I was walking my Bassett Hound. He loved the dog and stopped and had great fun getting the dog to howl. He was petting the dog and their was dog hair flying all over his wife's nice black coat I was so busy laughing at him, I didn't say...
  11. capall beag

    Verry Offensive

    I think it is a great idea. It is dealing with reality. A sad one but reality none the less. I don't think they were encouraging people to euthanise healthy, useful animals. I thought it was for people who needed to have horses euthanised but could not afford it. In this economy, I would...
  12. capall beag

    Since the truth apparently is not an issue...

    Suzanne you are VERY funny! I love reading your posts. Always fun, always smart and oh so subtle:) You got all the right digs in! Brilliant. Not sure if I am qualified to reply as I am a white, legal alien without voting rights.
  13. capall beag

    Christmas and economy

    Same as last year. I never spend alot of money at Christmas. I started giving Heifer International donations as presents a few years back and that is what I will do this year too. I will buy for the kids, but I never go nuts. Hubby and I are pretty practical at Christmas and exchange gifts...
  14. capall beag

    Who would you want for president?

    I was very interested in my results. According to the results I would vote for Obama, but only by a 7 to 6 decision. McCain got my votes on the Economy. Obama on healthcare. The the rest was almost 50/50.
  15. capall beag

    Why does EVERYBODY attack Palin>??

    Maybe O-Reilly is one too, muslim that is I am sorry, I couldn't resist