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    Foal with scrotal hernia?

    Have you thought of using a larger size disposable baby diaper? not sure how large your foal is. Thinking that the waist band would need to fit around the foal where the hernia is and that may or may not keep a bandage on.
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    Wade Burns

    I saw this also. A well known name in the Miniature Horse industry.
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    Foal with scrotal hernia?

    No I have not seen this. However I hope to follow this conversation as it is always good to learn something new. Best of luck with this and hope you get some information.
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    Happy 4th... And how do you handle Fireworks and Animals???

    Happy 4th to you. My horses are fine with fireworks. Our neighbor gets carried away with them.....but we endure. Our 2 dogs are terrified and they do best in our bedroom with the door shut. It seems they feel secure in there, they are scared of guns too and they are hunting bred dogs. Good thing...
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    Hello from Wisconsin

    Extending a welcome to you from MN
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    Farrier Table??

    An older friend had a stand for his vet to use to take coggins and give shots and things like that. He had like 45 head. Basically a ramp they walked up to get to a small level standing area. Had brackets on both sides with wood slat railings that could be taken off easily to do 1 side, put back...
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    Hello from Oregon

    Welcome to you from Minnesota.
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    Rosie and the Clippers...

    I clip a bridle path for the horses that I drive, just because it makes it easier for me to get the bridle fit. About the middle of every winter when that hair is sticking straight up and out I wish I didn't do that. Haa. I have 2 oldies pushing 30 yrs and I need to body clip the 1 but the other...
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    Hello from Kansas

    I agree. Gus got lucky and hopefully you will form a bond together. Welcome from MN.
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    Electric fence...to use or not to use

    Lots of looks and no one is answering so I will give it a shot. I use electric wire (not the tape) so I have no experience with the tape. However my horses are respectful of the fence and I have never had a problem in the 29 years I have had the Minis. My fence is 4 wires high. Never had a...
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    A late welcome to the forum. I also have 2 OTTB's that I bought from a horse rescue years ago, 2 Belgian Drafts and my Mini's.
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    Susan and Missy, new kids on the block.

    Welcome. Spring is coming so here's to a speedy recovery for you.
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    Australia's wildfires

    The fires look so terrifying on the news. Glad you are ok where you are at. Pray for Australia.
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    Mini mare bullied by goat

    Marsha is giving you good advice. Separate them so the mare can have a better situation.
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    Merry Christmas!!

    Merry Christmas! Wonderful pictures.