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    Raising your own beef? Anyone else trying this for the first time?

    I forgot to add...when we raised the hog we feed it lots of corn soaked in goat's milk which made very tender meat. We were raising goats at the same time. I had bottled fed a couple of calves and then couldn't have any part of the killing or eating. Barbara
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    Raising your own beef? Anyone else trying this for the first time?

    A while back our in-laws would raise a steer and a hog and we would have meat in the freezer, a good feeling. We mixed beef with pork and made sausage. My husband made a smoke house for the sausage. I miss those days. We didn't eat any cheaper but we knew what we were eating. Don't name the...
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    Prayers for all the Oklahoma forum members please!!

    Let us know if everyone is okay when you can. Praying for ya'll. Barbara
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    rhubarb and sweet potatoe ?

    My mother mixed rhubarb with strawberries to make a pie and also jelly. Sweet potatoes can be cooked like reg potatoes and are better for you.
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    Well the only thing I can say I'm doing is having a big sale over on my website on two miniature horse books in honor of Valentines Day. It would be nice if one of my kids or grandkids gave me a candy. Barbara
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    Power of Prayer

    Your mom is now on my prayer list.
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    how many kids do you have

    I have three grown children one son 45 with grand-daughter 3, one daughter 43 with three step grandchildren 11,16,17,one daughter 39 with one grand-daughter 12 and one grandson 7
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    All who have face book

    I'm looking for likes also!/pages/Published-Author-Barbara-Janet-Cooper-Schonert/281965954252
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    All who have face book

    Liz, just clicked like on your page on fb as well. Barbara
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    All who have face book

    all done. Barbara
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    Thank You for the Prayers

    Thank You everyone! Your prayers and good thoughts mean a lot to me! Barbara
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    Thank You for the Prayers

    If you remember in May I have posted asking for prayers because I was told that I had lung cancer. Yesterday was my last day of chemo and I am doing great! The only problem that I had during chemo was a little acid reflux and that wasn't until towards the end of my treatment. The last scan I had...
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    Odd Foods or Strange Combinations You Like To Eat?

    A little mayonise mixed in cold pork and beans corn on mashed potatoes is a must Kraft mac and cheese with ketchup mixed in scrambled eggs with ketchup potatoe chips with vanilla ice cream for the dip
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    Anyone have a creek or pond? Advice please.

    It looks like you got your answer and if that is all true....Marty you made the right decision. Barbara
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    Went to dermatologist today

    Happy to hear the good news!!!! I will keep you in my prayers and your husband too. Barbara