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    Dying manes and tails

    I went with Just For Men darkest brown . Only had to let sit for 10 minutes and I really like how it came out ! It came with an applicator that went right on the end of the tube that worked slick. I must have used more product than I needed to get the job done as I used a whole tube for one tail LOL
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    Dying manes and tails

    Thanks so much for the replies ! I'll remember next year to attempt this before the first body clip of the year . And yes, check your rule book - it is legal to dye manes and tails their original color : )
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    Dying manes and tails

    Hello forum members, I am hoping to get some advice. I have never dyed anything before and I have two black pintos with a little sun bleaching in their forelocks, manes and ones tail. What brand of dye do you prefer, what color - I know black - but there are different shades I quess. How long do...
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    What is the average cost of a Coggins a health paper in your area?

    Here in central Maine I pay $40 for a coggins test, its $70 for the farm call. Not sure what the health cert cost now. Always amazes me how different the prices can be depending where you live ! Everything seems to cost more in Maine and some states the vets charge so little for everything I...
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    What's the one colour you wouldn't want in your breeding program?

    My least favorite color on a mini is the mousey mule brown bay. Tied for second would be double dilutes and appaloosas. I also really don't like the all white horse with the medicine hat pattern. I like all other colors. But as been said a million times, a great horse is a great horse regardless...
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    Yes...more pictures of mini in snow :)

    I am very tired of the snow and cold too - but never get tired of beautiful pictures like those! Really really nice !!
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    With very limited showing....

    Congrats! Beautiful horses. And thanks for the tip. I didn't know this honor roll existed. Just checked it and found I made the list with my gelding - tied for 6th in region 1 after only attending one AMHA show : ) You learn something new every day !
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    I don't know how much good it will do - but I logged in and reported a few of the worst offenders. People are so stupid and cruel. Makes me sick.
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    Midgee Petite

    Thanks for the update on Midgee !! So glad to hear she is doing well.
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    Horse lame after trim

    Thanks!I'll be keeping an eye on her, keeping her in, she can stay in my 12 X 12 foaling stall, deeply bedded, and I'll go from there. Interesting about the insulation. Watching her today I did think to myself that she looked like a cat not wanting to put her foot down in the cold snow.
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    Horse lame after trim

    Thanks for your replies. I have never had a horse go lame after a trim in almost thirty years of horse ownership. But I figured thats what it must be, seeing as its all four feet and directly after a trim. I will keep her in like she is now on matted stall with thick bedding. Forgot to ask the...
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    Horse lame after trim

    Hi all! I have a mini that suddenly came up lame - she had a trim in the morning - turned out later in the day. I noticed she was walking gingerly - thought it was maybe because of the trim and also the new snow which might have been alittle slick. Back in her stall overnight. Now today she is...
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    MMHC Pine Tree Classic Weekend June 26-27

    We will be there with 4 horses on Sunday! Hoping for sunshine : ) Cathy
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    Touch of Class is streaming LIVE!!

    So what am I doing wrong? I go to that website, click on live channels show name - ask to login in,I did early this morning. Suppose to get a conformation e-mail or something, says it might take an hour - well its been all day - nothing! Nothing inmy spam mail either. : (