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    Sand Clear??

    so glad you found something that works for you.Sand problems are no fun and can be very costly vet wise.Keep us posted on the progress with your herd.sounds like you are on the right track
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    Mysterious wound

    If you have an aloe plant break off a leaf and put the gel on the wound.I have used it many times for skin issues and it works great and is very soothing.Glad you got the culprit and your baby is doing better
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    Sand Clear??

    I would not suggest putting it in a syringe and into the mouth.too much danger of choke as it swells.when my vet does it wet it is going directly into the stomach via tube into nostril-just like oiling for colic Putting it in sweet feed should work good luck and keep us posted on your progress.
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    Sand Clear??

    My Minis that are on EQUUS DAILY are fat as hogs they all need to lose weight.MY sand prevention program works for them.I too have had Minis years ago that pooped out almost straight sand.Put a fecal ball on the stall wall,let it dry and then crumpled it solid sand.Sand colic is no fun-had 5...
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    Sand Clear??

    I SWEAR by EQUUS. Have used it for years.I feel almost like an expert on sand colic since I have had so many over the past 30 years in Minis. Nobody here gets fed anything on the ground, but they are on grass and when it rains they pull up the grass and the roots have sand so they ingest that...
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    Moxie the birthday dog

    Please post photos of puppies when you have them.going to get my Puppy fix on Wed at my friend's house.this was an AI litter with only 2.Hopefully she will repeat the breeding.Her male is now castrated, but she has a few more straws left. Her kennel name is Kimberwicke.I have had Pembrokes since...
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    Moxie the birthday dog

    Happy birthday,Moxie.I love seeing and hearing about your adventures with your beautiful dogs.even though I'm a died in the wool Pembroke person I love seeing your Cardigans.My friend has Cardigans so I get my puppy fix when she has a litter.Keep those post coming about your adventures
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    Herding with the Cardigans

    Love seeing pics of your dogs.Always glad when you post.My friend who has Kimberwicke Cardigans has a litter only 2 1 male 1 female but boy are they cute. 4 weeks old now Soon I get to play with them.Sire is black and dam is black brindle.
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    What are you watching?

    I so agree chandab.I really dislike it when they take a sledge hammer to perfectly good kitchen cabinets that could be taken out and given to someone who needs things.We in this country are so wasteful I see these shows throw away lots of perfectly good items of all kinds.I am one who is not...
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    What are you watching?

    can't wait until MISTRESSES comes back in a week or so.Watched it last year and was hooked-especially loved the hunky guy with the Aussie accent.Currently watching lots of Home&garden channel.I really don't like lots of the current trendy stuff they do in kitchens and baths especially white...
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    members in Canada

    Bad news on TV about big fires in Canada Hope none of our members are affected and saying lots of prayers for everyone in that area.Members please check in to let us know you are ok
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    Learning to trim hoofs

    Hope you get what you want.I feel so lucky-always have had great farriers.Had the same guy for almost 30 years and as he got older I brought on anew guy and split the load.The older guy retired and now I have this guy -I was 1 of his first customers when he started trimming and shoeing.sent him...
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    aloe juice dose

    I used 6 cc twice daily on a yearling. I'm a believer.cured his ulcers-no more grinding teeth.He felt so much better. I have even used it on myself after a bout with severe indigestion from too much hot chili.I would up the dose for a larger horse.IMO can't hurt
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    1st clip job of the year I always did a rough clip on a dirty horse.I came from a background where you NEVER clip a dirty horse.gave the little fuzz ball a bath and 2 days later still wet near the skin.After that I started doing the rough clip.brush as best you can then clip (not down to the...
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    How many mini's per acre?

    IMO you might be better off renting to someone with animals that don't require as much daily care as horses.Maybe goats or cattle of some kind.I would be concerned about the level of care these Minis will be getting.As said previously said get a VERY LARGE security deposit and write a very good...