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    Wrangler miniature trailers

    Buddy has retired. We have driven by the old Wrangler place in Quitman, Arkansas. It is no longer there. We are lucky to have a 5 horse Wrangler that he made especially for us. All the Wranger Trailers I have seen have been wonderful. If you get a chance to buy a used one, I think it would be...
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    AT&T Wireless

    We, also, have had AT&T for years and we like it a lot. The worst is getting through their long recorded "Press 1 if you want...." "Press 2 if you want..." When we retired I called and talked to a customer service representative who gave me to a supervisor who told us just what we could do in...
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    Mice repellant? Please read.

    I think barn cats are the best answer!
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    For those of us who believe in Heaven

    Many years ago my father was hospitalized for an illness which caused severe high fever for a prolonged time. I sat with him nights at the hospital. He was very ill and became very jaundiced and fevers spiked very high. The doctors did not know the cause but were treating the symptoms. One...
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    A Message from Bonnie...

    Sending warm thoughts of comfort and health to Bonnie along with healing prayers. She has helped me and my horses twice and told me things which comforted me. Now I'm sending my best thoughts and wishes back to her. Love and light.
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    Question for QH people..pic attached.

    Back in the day, I rode and showed QH's. Before I had a registered QH, we had "cow ponies" and ranch horses which came from working ranches. The horses were bred and raised to be versatile horses to do all sorts of ranch work. They had naturally low set heads to better look at cows and had slow...
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    wisdom teeth pulled today

    Popsicles! Hold a slender one in your mouth until it melts. They reduce swelling and mask pain.
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    Stall Matts

    When we were getting mats for our barns, we found a place which makes all sorts of things for 18 wheelers. We got rubber matting there cheaper than in stores. Mats are very strong and sturdy and non slip.They have all grades and sizes and will cut them for you. Caple-Shaw Industries is in Fort...
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    Moving is such a chore. Glad yours went well. I hope you will get involved in the activities that are offered and will have fun. I know people who have made a similar move and they have made lots of new friends and have enjoyed many activities. Enjoy!
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    Left, Right (Right?)

    For some reason, I have always had a "sense" of direction and can usually "feel" which way is north. As for left and right, long years at dog obedience school solidified those directions. I love to study maps of places I am going to visit or places I have been. Those crazy navigation systems...
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    A First Place and Second Place in our first show!! WOO HOO

    Congrats! Uh, oh. Now you will be hooked.
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    writing a column

    Many people ask, "What good is a mini? You can't ride them." I think an article with photos and descriptions of the many events and disciplines in which minis can be shown would be a good education for many people.Minis are very versatile and many people are not really aware of that.
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    Neti Pot

    Thanks for the suggestion of distilled water. We have city water and it is supposed to be safe and purified.... I had heard of Neti pots but the thought of using one was disgusting, but my sinus problem needed help. I watched some YouTube videos of people using them and talking while they...
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    Kudos to AMHA Office Staffer

    We live not far from the AMHA office. I usually go in personally to take registrations. The whole group of people who work there are so nice and helpful! Never a cross word and always willing to help. Kudos to all of them, and Pam, of course, for being so nice even when I've messed up something...