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    Pathological Research on D2 dwarfism

    Debby, Yes please I would greatly appreciate it if you could pin it. I wanted to get the word out what I needed before the foaling season really got started. This is typically the time of year dwarfs are aborted in late term,especially the D2 type. Thanks again.
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    Pathological Research on D2 dwarfism

    Hello All, This is John Eberth. I am the person that discovered the dwarf mutations. I am working on pathological descriptions for the different mutations. I am here in need of help locating any breeders willing to donate dwarfs for pathological exams. I would prefer to have term still born...
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    Miniature Horse dwarfism - Test Now Available!

    I would like to announce that Alvadars Double Destiny is NEGATIVE for ALL four dwarf mutations (D1,D2,D3,D4).
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    Miniature Horse dwarfism - Test Now Available!

    If anyone has any questions regarding the tests or results feel free to message me or email me. You can talk to the Dr. Graves in the lab but she and I will be communicating most of the time anyways. Sorry it took so long to get them publicly available after I finished my research.
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    Regarding the possible future DNA testing for Chondrodysplasia-like Dwarfism

    I want to clear up a few things some are confused about and to explain a few things I did not put in the thesis because it did not pertain to chondrodysplasia. Remeber it was my thesis on specifically the dwarfisms I worked on within the gene ACAN. I dont remember who wrote specifically these...
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    Chondrodysplasia-like Dwarfism in the Miniature Horse

    As promised when I finished my thesis I would let the Lilbeginnings be notifies for all those that helped and showed interest. I am presently working on the paper to be submitted to a peer reviewed magazine. Should be done shortly. Until then you can read the pdf from the UK library. The...
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    Stallion NOT interested in mare!!

    Dana, Please give me a call and I can explain what is going on. John
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    Genetics Committee Reseach

    Erin, Glad to have you here. This is John Eberth. Let me catch you and any others new that might want to know what is going on. I recieved your email to my arionmgmt email account 5 days ago, I have been quite busy recently with a few things so I am sorry I have not responded yet to your...
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    Who attended the Greencastle Sale

    Sandy I do see your thought process. But tell me when have you been at an auction and sat next to a newbie and told them stay away and dont get in it or heard someone else send away a newbie. They are told get in now while it is cheap!!! you can now REALLY MAKE SOME MONEY!!! Oh and BTW lot...
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    Closing AMHA Registry

    I am in the lab doing tests for two of the dwarf mutations on my population samples today, but I thought I needed to reply to some blatant incorrect and flawed information. "It would be interesting to take a poll of all of the amha members and see how many farms have produced dwarf foals on a...
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    Who attended the Greencastle Sale

    I think posting prices from a public auction is something that should be done, for all horse breeds, after the fact. I know I didnt say this clearly in the other thread but I do actually think all prices of public auctions are fair game. However......Unfortunately as was stated earlier in the...
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    Please let me defend ourselves....

    I am so glad that Robin and Mom were able to come here and defend themselves in a professional and ADULT manner. I for one read and saw all the ugliness. It took all I had to stay away and just troll this board. I was not there for this Oktoberfest so I could not say anything about what...
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    Shetland Influence

    miniwhinny, yes Dr. Cothrans info is quite useful to know how close these pony breeds are related (ie minis and shetlands). If you read about the Shetland background they come from those pony breeds you listed. That is why we ARE just SMALL PONIES, oh no I said it!!! I just cant see how...
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    Shetland Influence

    Well, Well John Cherry told me about my name getting thrown around in this thread, not in a bad way, but I thought I would peruse the thread because of the interesting topic. First let me say I am not going to write a book, and I usually dont. Unfortunately I am usually asked loaded questions...
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    News on John's Dwarf Gene?

    Hello all. Yes there was not a whole lot of "talk" after my report. There was quite an excited response at the meeting, but since I was on the phone, I coundnt tell much. I dont think the vast majority realized what I have finally accomplished. Below is the first abstract of my research to...