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    2021 Projects

    I've never heard of such a thing. How interesting and would look WOW on western type clothing.
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    2021 Projects

    I love your planes and the two of you are not bad looking either. I got up to doing cross countries in a Cessna 152 many years ago. But I was learning to fly at a little airport that was in the TCA of Stapleton. That's fine unless you are out and the TCA drops and you cannot get back to...
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    2021 Projects

    @Kelly what type of private plane does he have. And you sound like a high flying family. Fun!
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    Current Crochet Project

    @Silver City Heritage Farmstead I am liking those colors also. I did get one more set of pastels to try, so I may have another combination to show you all soon. And I almost bought a dusty rose yarn and an ivory to do the pattern in just those two colors. My mind explodes with...
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    Current Crochet Project

    I'm glad you all are liking it. If you want a project that looks fancy, but it not too hard I would say this is one to try.
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    Current Crochet Project

    It's never too late to learn. I find that crocheting is easier than knitting. One crochet hook instead of two knitting needles. But I've been crocheting off and on for the last 50 years or so. You tubes could help you learn.
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    Current Crochet Project

    This is from the pattern Ellie Roo Mandela Afghan that I bought from Annie's. Here is what I saw and wanted to make. My version, the same yarn as the example but my center colors were different, so the color layout will be different. And this is how far I am now: And since the idea...
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    File size increase for attachments & now videos

    The file size for attachments (images/pdfs) has been increased to 20480 kb. The maximum video file size is 51200kb. And now upload video is enabled for all. Just use the new Upload video button on the lower left next to the Attach Files button. You will be taken to your gallery, and choose...
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    2020 projects

    @Dragon Hill that's a very cute hamster. He reminds me of the one I had when about 10 years old. And has anyone started thinking Christmas gifts? Only about 2 months to go, but I've not really thought out that far. But, guess we all need to start thinking on that if we are making any...
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    Easy, Yummy Cornbread Muffins -- Bye Bye Jiffy Mix :)

    Those sound good and could be a base for variations (like cooked bacon bits?) Or corn type muffins. Thanks for sharing that recipe.
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    Hi thanks for having me

    Welcome. Nice looking Mini you have. I love seeing photos.
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    Some photos

    That is a beautiful photo, and that is one beautiful mini horse.
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    He's cute and what you are doing for him will help him all his life.
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    The software was updated 6/8/20

    Oh yes, there are a bunch of emojis, and those reactions are fun.