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  1. AceyHorse

    Sick horse, any ideas?

    Thanks so much to everyone for their replies. Good news, my husband said he was improving last night and this morning when I went to check up on him, he is, thankfully, looking alot better, his ears are pricked forward, his eyes are bright, he is comfortable and steady on his feet, he is...
  2. AceyHorse

    Sick horse, any ideas?

    My 5 year old gelding Hero has been unwell since saturday, we are thinking Rye grass staggers but I would love some other opinions. His symptoms are lethargy, reluctance to move about, a bit un-steady on his feet, ears hanging out to the sides and just a general uncomfortable look to him, he...
  3. AceyHorse

    is it just me

    We got a wedding invite like this once. It was from a young couple with 2 young children and not alot of money. I think that they also could have worded it a bit better but at the end of the day we would rather know what they would like to get, than get them a bunch of stuff for their house...
  4. AceyHorse

    OMGosh! Help advice needed!

    Thanks everyone. Yes we definately seperated them right away. The mare was definately "willing" so neither off them showed any signs of kicking biting etc. The vet did actually come out that evening for another matter and we spoke to him about it and he looked at the two horses. He didn't...
  5. AceyHorse

    OMGosh! Help advice needed!

    Oh I'm pleased to see there are more geldings like mine lol! Well I'd been laughing about how "stallion like" he'd been acting since he was put in with her, running off the gelding in the paddock next door, being quite full of himself. And then this happened! I think I'm only just recovering...
  6. AceyHorse

    OMGosh! Help advice needed!

    Thanks for that, I also just spoke to the vet that said the same thing. Gosh it was a shock to the system though! Thanks so much for taking the time to help me out Anna
  7. AceyHorse

    OMGosh! Help advice needed!

    Hi all, looking for any words of advice here! I just found out my "gelding" has been mounting and well "doing the business" with the in-season mare in his paddock!!! I got him after he was "gelded" and the date of his gelding has been written on his registration certificate. However today...
  8. AceyHorse

    Ment to be a gift but ...

    Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I'm afraid the outlook may not be too good. As I am also a benefactor of such "gifts" from our resident hunter I have learnt (from an experienced bird rehabilitator) that a cats mouth is so filled with bacteria and such that if there is any kind of...
  9. AceyHorse

    McCain - his vice-presidential choice

    I watched that video, read a bit about off-shore drilling for oil, her anti-abortion views, I can't believe anyone could think off-shore driling is a good idea?? . It made me really really sad. Like to the point of tears. It made me lose a little bit of hope for this world. I'm not trying to...
  10. AceyHorse

    Your Spouse's / Significant Other's Favorite Horses

    Shannans favourite out of my two is definately Hero ( the horse in my avatar) Although the horses are definately "my thing" when ever he comes out with me to see them he loves the way Hero comes running over to him for a scratch (when Shannans with me I'm kinda invisable to Hero lol). Whether...
  11. AceyHorse

    Sad News

    I am so sorry for your loss But it sure looks like you gave him a wonderfull life. Anna
  12. AceyHorse

    Head Shy

    I'll just add here too, that one of my geldings (I have had for about a year now) Would no way no how let me touch his ears or pretty much go anywhere near them when I first got him. Because there wasn't any reason I needed to touch his ears, i didn't. I just left them alone. I just rubbed...
  13. AceyHorse

    Movies that make you cry?

    Pans Labyrinth, beautiful movie but it always leaves me bawling. Anna
  14. AceyHorse

    Top Dress That Makes Supplements YUMMMY

    When I'm trying to make things more tasty I grate an apple or carrot into it, hold the grater directly over the feed so you get all the juices as well, usually works! It spreads through well and they usually try and get every last bit. Anna oops sorry already been said just ignore me lol