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    I was particularly tickled with this one I took yesterday. I was just crossing the street in Fort Frances and saw this laying there on the street. I stepped up onto the sidewalk, but then turned back around and took phone out of my pocket to take pic of it. I thought it looked pretty much perfect, just the way it lay.
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    Oh yuk. That is NO fun to have to deal with. Would that be the same thing as strangles? I can see where it would be hard to keep them quarantined from each other if everything is a swampy mess. I would bet DD does have some immunity, being an older horse. A few years ago, both my older ponies got snotty noses. It was in Feb and they hadn't left the property in six months. Never did figure out what it was. It ran its course in about 4/5 days. They never coughed or had a temp, just lots of boogers. Hopefully Nugget will be the same and will be as good as new in a day or so.
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    Cayuse, I'd like to see a pic of your cart. I always like seeing everyone's vehicles. Glad you found a footmans loop solution. Perry hasn't dropped yet so no castration today. We did teeth for 3 minis and 3 big guys instead. It was so cold this morning that I put a space heater in the office/tack room and we brought the minis in and did their teeth in there on the rugs. So much better than freezing. By the time we got to the big guys it was warm enough to be mostly comfortable. Good luck at your ADT. I would love to do something like that. I would have no idea what I was doing though and it's quite a drive to get to any events like that around here. Maybe someday.
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    Nice video Northwolf! Your Shetland looks great, I bet he is happy to get out for a short jaunt now and then. And good news about Teddy . Yes, Peanut is gelded, but he was gelded late. He finds other geldings to be threatening and he needs to be the boss over them, and mares are just delightful . I had thought of getting his hormones tested, but what good would it do? He is what he is, and with more exposure and training, he is learning to deal with his emotions. We are going to another ADT soon, so it will be interesting to see his reactions this time out. We are hoping for a less "big" response to a new environment, and a response that is shorter in duration. Last time it took about 1.5 hours for him to settle. I would be happy if he took an hour this time. Once he sees it all and gets the giggles out of his system, he is fine. I think he just need milage under his belt and to see more of the world. MC, The C clamp is a good idea, right now I am using shoe laces and looping it through and tying them. We did get the footman's loops attached, we screwed them on. I got U shaped ones from Tractor Supply, not real footman's loops, but close enough. I did buy the cart :-). Good luck with Perry today, hope it goes easy for him. It has been cold here, too. No snow though, but cold enough for hat and jacket.
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    That hitch looks like so much fun! Not to mention you get to work 4 horses at once. That's my biggest motivator to get a couple of mine going together. I can work them at the same time! Very glad that Teddy got the "OK" to continue to work. That's always a good feeling. My new singletree and bit got here so I'm hoping I can try them out this week before the horses head south. I've got the vet/dentist coming today to do teeth and (hopefully) geld Perry. It's a freezing cold morning though and I'm not looking forward to standing in the barn for several hours this morning. We had one week of fall then straight to winter. Woke up to snow yesterday. I should get more driving in this winter though. I'll go south once a month or so to drive and ride. @Cayuse Those wood sword end single trees can be a pain. Especially if your tack is not leather but a synthetic material. It doesn't stretch and give like the leather does so the traces have a tendency to slip off. I ended up putting strong but small C-clamps on the end of mine. My trace keepers were triangles of metal so I clamped the C through the triangle and around the singletree. I don't know if that makes sense or not...?
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    @MajorClementine It makes me happy to hear you started again with driving!!! πŸ˜„ @Cayuse But Peanut is gelded, isn't he? I have great news about my horses! I took Teddy to an equine vet clinic to check up his breathing problems. They found out he has a minimal restricted trachea, but it's not as bad and his lung is all ok. The vets gave me the OK to continue working with him normally! πŸ˜„They recommended to clip him in the winter months to facilitate work for him and confirmed that he's a little bit lazy. I'm soooo happy to have assurance about him, so I can drive him without a bad conscience. A few days after this diagnosis, I took him back into the team again and we hitched a 4-in-hand for the very first time with my old shetland!! My shetland is 31 and has bad ankle joints, so we drove very carefully and only a short route. I have a short video: It was AMAZING!!! It's one of my greatest dreams to drive a 4-in-hand one day. What a pity that Domino isn't younger πŸ˜• I hope to drive a few times more with this team, it's a great feeling and they are working just awesome! I love my minis 😍
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    omg, just detected I forgot to log my driving hours for the last two weeks... my last entry was from september 26. Luckily I always write down my work with the horses, so it's not lost. september 29: 60 minutes for the team Massai/Moony october 2: 50 minutes with all three Massai/Moony/Teddy october 3: 40 minutes with the team Massai/Moony october 4: 60 minutes with the team Massai/Moony october 5: 60 minutes for Massai october 6: 40 minutes with the team Massai/Moony/Teddy october 7: 60 minutes with the team Massai/Moony/Teddy october 11: 80 minutes with the team Massai/Moony, 60 minutes for Teddy october 12: 50 minutes with the team Massai/Moony/Teddy october 14: 30 minutes with the team Massai/Moony/Teddy Thanks a lot and sorry about this mess... I'll try to log more frequent next time
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    You are certainly getting a lot of nice driving time! My mother went to a nursing home last month and it seems all my spare time is working through her stuff. That, and the rain. Keep inspiring, Cayuse!
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    Yes, I heard they were the same thing. But the vet said there are over 100 strains of distemper; maybe strangles is one kind. He has never become lethargic and his nose seems better. So far no swelling underneath, though I've heard that comes toward the end of the cycle. My sister brought a miniature home from the same sale and she had to go on antibiotic as she was running a fever. Horses not connected at all, just the same sale. Her horse was kind of run down, though, and Nugget was not. We are doing a little ground work while I wait for the dentist. Just basic stuff, like turning, backing, whoa, and stand. It's too soppy here to do much, though I've taken them out on the paved road a few times, just so their feet can feel some dry land!
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    Are those pear trees? Do you have wells?
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    We supposedly don't have bobcats here although one or two may have been spotted up in the mountains. Can I have 45 minutes for last friday, 30 minutes Saturday, 20 minutes Sunday, and 35 minutes today of driving for Peanut. And 20 minutes of ground driving for Cappy :-) Thanks!
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    The weather is starting to change here. Unfortunately we didn't get near the amount of rain over winter. The drought is most certainly going to get worse for many here .....
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    While I was gone on the drive, some varmint carried off one of our barred rock chicks. I had let the chicks out to chase bugs for a few minutes and that's all the time it took.
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    30 minutes for Dapper Dan. Then the mosquitos found us so we headed for home lickety split.
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    whoops forgot my riding times sept 17, 19 and 21st one hour each for charlie. 24 26 and 28 for charlie 75 minutes each day. 2 rides for daisy ,1 hour each, the 18 and 27, GOT A BIG SURPRISE ON MY ADVENTURE.
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    The only Kodak moment I have lately is the result of 8" of rain in two days. This our farm pond overflowing. The edge goes under the horse motel, making a soggy mess there. Many little fish were stranded in the pasture from the overflow.