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    By 2 he should be about done changing. Some horses just end up a bit cowhocked. I will not run any correction on a horse that is past it's second birthday--in truth I do not like to correct them past one year but sometimes do a bit (not nearly as much as I would on a weanling) if I buy a yearling that is a bit crooked. By 2 they are what they are and corrective trimming is more harmful than helpful. Trim level and it's all good.
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    25 minute of ground driving Firecracker ........wait a minute! I mean Cappy.
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    Ponied Nugget behind Dapper Dan today in the cart.
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    About the feet, try handling his legs a lot. Run you hands up and down his legs and get him used to having them handled. Do this in short lessons so he doesn't get frustrated or bored. At some point, he will pick up his foot on his own and when he does praise him a lot. Rinse and repeat. Eventually it will be no big deal for him to have his feet handled. Once he is used to having them handled and picks them up, then introduce the hoof picking part. Don't expect to get the entire foot done all at once, maybe you will get just one swipe with the pick, but when you do, give him loads of praise. That is how I have taught mine, others may will have different methods. Also, once he is used to having his legs touched and accepts it, there is a spot right above the fetlock joint at the back of the leg that if you put slight pressure on encourages them to lift the foot. If you have a farrier, I bet he can show you the exact spot.
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    He likely needs more than 3oz of feed twice a day, unless it's a ration balancer which is designed to be fed in small amount, and even then that might be low for a growing baby. Babies need good nutrition to grow properly. I know I have bigger minis than many, but my weanlings get around a quart of feed daily, that's over a pound daily (and it's a low feed amount by some people's standard, even for a mini). How big is your mini? What feed are you giving? What are the directions on the feed? Forage should be available at all times; never skimp on quality forage for a baby. Babies grow rather fast, attaining about 90% of their height in their first year
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    It's awfully good of you to keep track when you are not getting to drive yourself. Thank you.
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    If you can take a picture from directly behind at her level; also a picture of her milk bar. If she is atleast five months along you may be able to feel the baby move. If she will let you lean over and run your arms around both sides of her belly, having your fingers touch in front of her milk bar. Works best if she is eating and has had time to eat for about fifteen minutes. Usually can feel the baby bump or roll against your arms or hands. By the time the mare is around seven, eight months along you should be able to see baby moving. You have to be patient, as well as have a patient mare that doesn't care you are hugging her belly. Thank you for saving her and her precious little surprise.
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    25 minutes of ground driving Peanut. Thanks!
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    Good advice from Cayuse about the legs. We also use the command "Foot" or "Hoof" when praising. And then pat the bottom of the hoof. It's a gradual process. Once he is okay with patting, do a swipe with the hoof pick.
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    Thank to everyone who has been so welcoming to the forum and thank you for everyones advice
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    Welcome Aboard! And Kuddos for rescuing two middle-aged mares! We've owned and bred minis for 28 years and WE are still learning stuff..... We have only fed BOSS or flaxseed for shedding off or improving their coats. What else have you been feeding them? Are you worried about their weight?
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    Forgot to say, if he's not been getting too much so far, don't forget to take about a week to get him upto full amount.
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    40 minutes for the team Massai/Moony on monday
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    45 minutes for Dapper Dan.
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    25 minutes driving Peanut. Thanks
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    30 minutes driving and 60 minutes ground driving this week for Peanut.
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    got in a little driving time. charlie on wednesday 60 min., and 70 minutes friday, yesterday. one hour for daisy thursday.
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    @Cayuse Thanks! Was your ADT this weekend? If not, good luck too :) We had a lot of fun at the competition, I'll write about in the driving day-thread to not produce too much spam in this thread :D Our driving on this weekend and during the week: thursday: 50 minutes 3-in-hand Massai/Teddy/Moony friday: 60 minutes 3-in-hand Massai/Teddy/Moony saturday: 30 minutes for Massai and 40 minutes for Teddy => Massai was in a team with another pony who's not my own... I usually don't drive them together, so I think we can count this as "single driving" for Massai? sunday: over 3 hours driving on the competition with Massai and the other pony
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    Northwolf good luck at the CDE, I think we are going to our first ADT next weekend, too. I am not driving him, but my instructor is. I don't know if he will actually compete or not, it depends on how comfortable he feels. We may just let him "visit" the first time. It is is first driving outing, I have no idea what his reaction will be. Can I have 30 minutes driving Peanut please? Thanks!
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    Oh yes, we were busy too this weekend! :D it finally cooled down, so it was nice driving weather. 1 hour on saturday with my 3-in-hand team Massai/Moony/Teddy 90 minutes on sunday with Massai, and 50 minutes with the team Teddy/Moony Next weekend, we will start on our very first CDE. I'm very excited!
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    Yesterday: quick 20 minutes for Teddy (single)
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    friday: 60 minutes for the team Teddy/Massai saturday: 2 hours for Moony hitched on the sulky (what a fun!) sunday: 2 hours 3-in-hand hitch Teddy/Moony/Massai Thanks :-)
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    Hi MC! 30 minutes ground driving followed by!30/minutes driving Peanuttoday.y. My keyboard is acting up again, lol.
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    This is our first foal of the year. Buckskin filly with high whites in the back. Born June 15th so she is June Bug.
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    Here is Oscar the friendly jack having a nap in the pasture on a sunny winter day. Not a care in the world.