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SunDance harnessed

SunDance harnessed

I am not sure if this harness can be used for a single pony/mini pulling a forecart with shafts. The backband/saddle is very different than I'm used to. Please help me if you can.
Two questions:

1) Can this harness be used for driving a single horse with a forecart with shafts?

2) Do I have everything basically where it goes?
THis harness is not on correctly. The chain traces do not attach to the back band and girth the way you have them. The back band and girth attach together and the chain goes to the whipple tree through a breechin hanger. That's all I can really make out, If you could take clearer pictures I might be able to help more. Also going by the stance of the little guy his feet are really hurting. He shouldn't be worked. He should be standing in a deeply bedded stall. Horses don't stand like that unless they are in a great deal of pain.

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Four minis/ponies and a Belgian
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