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vickie gee

horses november 2010 133.jpg

This is Sunny Came Home. She is not prego and not fat either. That buffalo fur is very misleading. Sunny is slightly less than 25" and will be 2 years old in June 2011. She probably will not get any taller due to a surgery as a foal to correct a problem of her front legs being "locked up". At Texas A & M they affectionately referred to her as the "crab girl" because she walked like a crab before the surgery in which they removed her middle growth plate and fused the legs. She is my special girl. The vet said I had two choices. Euthanize her or see what an experimental surgery could do. I really could not afford the surgery but I know in my heart of hearts I made the right choice. Her walk is slow and clumsy but she runs like a little cotton tail rabbit. I love her. I lovingly call her Sunny my bunny.
What a beautiful girl Vickie! Love her story and the happy ending

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