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Dollie going to visit the new ones
Mini Love

Dollie going to visit the new ones

The mare is not sure of any one or any thing, I have giving both new one time to just settle in, day 2 I removed the leads that had be left on because they are hard to catch, thats just not safe I will try to gain there trust not force it, that has work well with the others. I feed - water - take in hay - give a handful of fresh grass once in awhile, go in and sit in a chair and have nothing to to with them.. The foal is more trusting now I am able to rub her with her running away, i just waited for her to come to me... The mare will come to me but only so close, she not use to people cant blame her Time will heal her
missy the Mare is interested in what Dollie is doing, Dollie is heading over to the foal - she know the foal will meet her at the fence

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