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Bucky is my 7 year old gelding. I don't know his breeding because he didn't come with papers. It didn't make me love him any less. If I had to guess the reason he was never registered was bc either his momma or daddy wasn't registered, or they didn't want to register a handsome horse with an underbite. Either way he is unquie and I love his little personialty. I got him because he didn't work out to be exactly what my boss wanted. He wanted to breed everything in sight. It was in both the farm and Buckys best interest to live elsewhere! As soon as I took him to a farm where he was the only one he laid down for an hour, I had never seen him lay down at the boss' maybe too worried about missing out on that next possible sighting of a pretty mare!? Lol! The boss is happy that Bucky is safe and can rest!
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