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Miniature Horse Forum

Share information about these wonderful little Miniature Horses, and ASPC/AMHR/AMHA ponies. A place to ask anything & everything about The Miniature Horse from purchasing, registration, showing, breeding, birth, care, and feeding... to first show jitters. A place for those with experience to help foster in those just getting started and help them get a start on the right foot. Please do not post classified ads. Enjoy!

Forum Rules & Etiquette

Please note: If you are new to the forums - Click here for the Complete Etiquette & Rules as well as further clarification


This is a condensed version of our forums rules.
Most are self-explanatory 99.5% of members need nothing further but I highly recommend you click through to read all further clarification of each rule.
Follow the Golden Rule. - Do not be rude to other members or moderators. Please remember, this website is family oriented and must be a safe, educational environment for visitors of ALL ages.  Respect your fellow members, ignore bothersome members. No flaming, trolling or spamming.

No PERSONAL ATTACKS & DISPUTES -You are expected to treat each other with respect in the forums and take any personal disputes to a private mode of discussion off the forums.







The use of internet shorthand, slang or "text speak" on the forums is not permitted, nor is typing in ALL CAPS -which signifies SHOUTING.

Multiple registrations are prohibited.
No posting pictures that are not yours or of horses that you do not own,

Photos on the main "Miniature Horse Forum"    

   Photos that are welcome on the main forum: Photos announcing NEW foals and UPDATED foal photos, Photos announcing NEW horse purchases, Photos announcing CURRENT show wins, Photos of your newly clipped minis. Any photo that pertains to INFORMATIONAL questions such a COLOR, CONFORMATION, or an INFORMATIONAL question about your particular horse. All other photos go on the Photo Forum.  click here for further clarification of what is and is not allowed.

No ADVERTISING/SOLICITATION - Posting on the forums for the sake of advertising is not allowed. NO horses or tack etc.sales posts. All sales posts are to be put on the Free Sales Boards. There will be No posts directing LBI and/or it's members to, or even mentioning the names of "other" online auctions, sales pages or any kind or upcoming public Miniature Horse Sales that haven't purchased paid advertising through LB. ** The only exception to this rule is for the Craft Forum. Members on the craft forum may mention that they sell their own handmade wares and may post a link to their own Website or Etsy Store.
click here for further clarification of this paragraph.
! No link to anything that is posted on eBay or Craigslist<==clarification: you may mention and discuss mini horse or pony related info. about posts that you see on eBay and Craigslist but you may NOT post an address or add a link to it.
No links or mention of any other "like" Mini Horse or pony community site..No solicitation to join other Websites or communities.
No links directly to any closed group that would require people to sign up for a membership in order to see your photos or any article content such as Yahoo Groups, Facebook, My[space] or any site that requires a person to have an account with them before viewing. The only exception at this time would be articles on TheHorse.com, this IS allowed.

Active links within posts. - If you feel the address you'd like to post follows the rules and is also informational and/or contributes to the conversation at hand you may add it..click here for further clarification and a sample of links that are and are not allowed. This is strictly enforced.
NO horse, pony, tack etc, etc. sales or solicitations within your signatures NOR your Avatars.
SIGNATURE and SIGNATURE LINK CONTENT – You are allowed one link in your signature and it cannot be to a sales page. click here for further clarification.
About our Moderators: They have the final say. - WARNINGS, USER LOCKING, BANNING - Reporting posts that violate the rules: click here
DO NOT FLAME THE STAFF  They have the final say. This forum isn't a democracy. Your vote doesn't always count. They try to please everyone they can, but in the end, they're charged with making this community as enjoyable for as many people as they possibly can. They can not always be right, nor can they please everyone with the decisions made, but they're doing their "jobs" and hopefully we can all agree that they're doing their best to ensure a good community here. If you feel that an egregious oversight has been made, then pm the moderator group. Do not post complaints on the forum.

Forum moderation and administrator roles
It is the administration's discretion where posts go.
When we move something from one forum to another, it is done to further conversation in the correct place, and it does not require an explanation.
No personal message will be sent and no explanation will be given as all that does is open it up to debate and the outcome is nothing but frustration for both sides.
It is not permitted to question the staff in a public discussion medium nor via private message. Any attempt to do so will be seen as an attempt to undermine the moderation team and will result in an infraction and removal of the content posted.
Moderators already have a difficult and very time-consuming job keeping the forum civilized and orderly. The last thing they need is to spend hours defending their actions each time they moderate someone.

A quick pm with a link to the rules will be sent to you if a major rule is broken. This is a courtesy to you. No reply is needed.

You agree when signing up, to familiarize yourselves with the rules.
You, as a member of Lil Beginnings, are responsible for reading the rules and etiquette page, and in doing so, will then understand which rule was broken, that resulted in the removal of your post.
If you disagree with a moderator's decision, it is also not acceptable to verbally abuse or harass them, either through the forum or any other form of communication (please note: "board wars" here.
Any attempt to do so may result in a complete termination of your forums account.

If the report button is used you may or may not receive a pm in reply, but you can be sure an administrator will see it and take care of it.
A word about our Moderators - Please remember they are Human with feelings too.. They are encouraged to treat everyone fair and equal. Many of the Moderators are valuable volunteers and cannot moderate the forum 24/7, nor read every post. It is appreciated if YOU use the REPORT BUTTON to bring attention any problems to the Moderators.



Please click here for Complete Etiquette & Rules as well as further clarification




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