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On 4/27/2018 at 5:27 PM, Cayuse said:

Sorry to hear about the mare. But now at least you have a reason as to why she is fearful. Can I ask how you discovered the vision loss? Is hear hearing OK?

Lucky girl to have found an understanding home.

How is that cute little baby?

Cayuse - When our new barn was finished, we moved the ponies in and it stressed mama out significantly. She had a drastic drop in milk supply and Bee-bop got severely dehydrated and had a severe case of colic with impaction. There were lots of late night vet visits over a period of 4 days. My vet just happened to notice some cloudiness (he had a flashlight) in one of her eyes and did several simple vision tests and she failed all of them. Her hearing is perfect! Bee-bop is thriving and happy as a clam. Now that he lives on our property he is friendly and potentially over socialized. ;-) 

* Photo of him this morning with my girls (post body clip) and one from last week. 




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He is handsome, and he doesn't look shy either :-)

Sorry to hear about the colic, sounds like it was a LONG four days.  But he looks like he recovered just fine judging by the video of him on the other thread 😀.

Interesting about the mare, I wonder how long her vision has been a problem for her.

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If you should choose to breed the mare, or if an oops occurs, you can put a bell on her foal so she can more easily find it.  [Just hang around the foal's neck with a light string (so it can break should it be necessary).]

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