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Conformation Ideals

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I know there is a thread similar to this started, but I don't want to hijack it.

I'm hoping to start showing this summer and I was wondering what y'all like in conformation? I am thinking halter and possibly driving. One of the horses I am considering showing has been shown at World as a weanling and a two-year-old. I am also considering showing a mare that has not been shown before but I like. However, I am new to showing and don't know as much as many of y'all here. I have attended a show (and hope to attend more soon). What will the judges be looking for in good conformation? What do you look for in good conformation?


I plan to show at some fairs first if I can find any. I have attached a couple photos the two I'm considering showing just because.



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Your silver gray pinto has already done well, so that's a start. But remember, every judge looks at a horse differently.


I like to divide a horse up into 3 sections when looking at them. (I'm a nut for a nice head and length of neck with a defined throatlatch) so beyond that I look to see if the slope of the shoulder (tilted back) and the slope of the hip (tilted forward) are balanced with each other. What's also hard to find is a decent tailset in minis.


You're smart to attend some shows BEFORE entering your horse(s). Watch what's winning. And if you visit with people who obviously have experience (when they aren't busy), pick their brains! Look into mini clubs in your area.... Most of all.......HAVE FUN.

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