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Magic Marker Miniatures has our second to last foal on ground. 


He is a black frame with blue eyes. Has 7" cannons. Dam was a maiden and foal had one front leg hidden. Finally found it and got it in position. She also red bagged so had to really pull to get him out in time. She is swollen and has small tears. Also very tired. She also did not have her colostrum in. Gave her some oxytocin. Between that and a demanding colt, she finally filled.

No name yet. 

He is two days old. A little lame in a front leg due to his mom rolling with him right next to her. They were turned out but he stands next to mom and she was cramping. Had to give her another dose of pain pills.

He is not as active as our others at this age. He was a red bag and a rough delivery; due to both front legs not aligned correctly. Hopefully in a couple more days he will be more active.


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MMMs he's absolutely darling.


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Sadly the colt above passed away. Found out the reason he was not active is he was compacted with fur. We clipped mom but he was always nuzzling her. We gave him enemas and he was passing poop but still down. His mom also rolled on his front leg so was very sore. Went out this am to him gone.

Our last mare foaled last night. His sire has lost his 100% filly production. He is a flashy pinto with blue eyes and 6.5" cannons. Will be tested to see if he carries both splash and LWO or just one.

Here is Patches. Don't have a registered name yet. Also not exactly sure of color.

We end 2018 with two colts (smoky black tobiano LWO+ and ? tobiano LWO, possibly splash) and two fillies (buckskin LWO+ and a palomino).


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